Who am I?- A Human or a Wild

Who am I?- A Human or a Wild
By: Naveed Ul Haq

There are many creatures in the world. For example, lion, dog, birds, undersea world and many more. Everyone has their own characteristics. Almost, every creature works for its own welfare and growth. We are one of these creatures and the universe called me human. I have a better sense of thinking as compared to those creatures. Now look at the reality, what kind of work I do for the wellbeing of a human? Because if a man is dying, I try to make his video instead of saving his life. I want views and subscribers on social media accounts and record and scene of human death from different angles.

Sometimes I think deeply, what I do and what to do? I ask a question from myself that whom am I? A human or a Wild? Whenever I see my neighbor in trouble, I get joyful. Let’s also accept that good and bad men can be easily found everywhere. In the same way, if we look at the environment around us, we will also see people who have negative and positive thoughts.

Well, all these things are put aside and come to the issues of government offices. Where you can find me as two-faced man. Definitely I am looking honest there, but it will be better not to see my inner self. When I became a government official, working in an esteemed department, I try to bound people who come there for a particular purpose. I treat them harshly. I want some extra money in a day despite of my salary. I treat all humans harshly for making illicit profits. Now again I think who am I? A Human or a wild? Because there is no difference between us. If someone gives me a supervisory duty at higher educational institutions, I will obviously ask my students to do my personal works. Yes, I will disrespect woman. I anyone refuses, then my wild and cruel soul will crash everything which is in my dominion. I mean I am a human but my soul is identical to the wild.

How to recover and complete myself? How to live like a perfect human being? How to become a good and responsible man? But… is it possible? Who am I? a Human or a Wild?
This human exiguousness is embarrassing and against the human fundamental rights. I have to stop myself from such bad manners. I want to be a good human. I need people’s love and respect. I feel so guilty of my past. I want to get rid of all these evils. I need a prosperous life which consist upon humanity, respect, love, honesty, humbleness, peace and pain for all creatures. Love and respect to the universe! Goodbye wildness.

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