Wana look into the mirror?

By: Eiman Jamal

The apparent Islamic Republic of Pakistan has no Islam left in her. Islam which is the religion of humanity is hardly seen on the land of Pakistan. Let’s consider the recent Pattoki incident with an on-going feast by 100s of men over the dead body of a poor man. Not a single man had a conscience to take a pause from eating and cover the dead body at least. But who cares if that is dead body of a poor man, honestly, we respect the living and dead based on their economic status.

Next , the holy month of Ramadan is not far away. The nation will definitely see a rise in the rates of edibles and why not? Who would like to lose a chance of earnings when we can hit the target!

But don’t worry , the non-profit organisations are going to help all the needy with Food packages. They won’t need anything in return but a number of pictures to expose you to the whole world. Who cares for someone’s self respect , when they will be given a food package not even worth 1 cent of the total amount of the funds received by the NGOs in Pakistan. But a fair deal : the poor gets the food packages and the NGO owners a banglow or a luxury car!

Wondering, why do we fast when we know and understand not the meaning of Fasting?

Let us be honest about our purposes in life, isn’t it preying on orphans, widows, the economically weaker ones to dominate them ? Dominate them by grabbing their lands , anything they have? Making them forcibly respect us by obeying us? And above all the law enforcement agencies where everyone is busy in taking bribes from richer ones to make them stronger and those who can’t afford bribing them , find themselves behind the bars.
Let me eleborate, the reports by investigation officers are moulded as per the unfair amount they receive from others. Sincerely speaking, if you can’t afford paying bribes , you can never get justice in Pakistan. Because Justice is literally BROUGHT!

Who says the Judiciary in Pakistan is free ? Let me share a secret , you can buy it too, but with a little higher amount than you pay to police officers! But don’t worry , if it changes your criminal records, it’s worth it.

The politicians are busy in bashing one another for their personal benefits misusing the public , but the public itself is goof. Apologies, but we all have our little personal benefits to support one political party of the other, not that we think of a political party vision. Unfortunately, we even don’t understand the meaning of political vision itself.

The religious scholars are working day and night to pick and preach the points from our Holy Book of Quran which makes their lives easier. Offcourse, the teaching of whole might not be easy to follow by them. Tableegh Tableegh Tableegh, Masajid and Madrasas , yet everyday deterioration of moral and ethical values is eyebrows raising!

Our men are mostly busy watching prones and criticising other women from around on their possible modest dresses. They have expertise of scanning every women’s body even in Burqas, after getting medals in prone watching. Let’s appreciate them for their only one expertise.

The women are shouting those slogans of freedom which is adding to the miseries of other women who need to get their basic rights.

The youth which is misguided or unguided are blindly following the elders or what media shows them. No vision in lives of them, but get rich either by unfair means or qualifying the competitive exams. The later one is fairly a better means of earning a lot of unfair money.

The parents who were suppose to teach Islamic values to children , are too much into family Politics. The only thing they do is to transfer all the jealousy and hatred of their disliked family members into their children. Poor children are trained since young age to eavesdrop on others and be part of plotting against others. That’s our moral teaching.

Can you see Islam in the so called country , if you can help me getting a single instance please?

Eiman Jamil

Miss Asia Jamil, known as Eiman Jamil is the first female English Novalist from KP-Pakistan and is working as a freelance article writer with various News Agencies. She is known for her services to Human Rights through her writings across the globe.

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