US-Taliban agreement- revival of Talibanisation once again in war-torn Afghanistan

Except safe but shameful evacuation of United Stated troops and living behind its spies camouflaged as engineers, technicians and other experts of socio-economic development, there is nothing in favour of its 18-years old installed Afghanistan regime or its people in the agreement finalized with Taliban in Doha Qatar. Even there is lacking a simple one to appreciate the global community’s extra ordinary support in reconstruction of Afghanistan, revival of living infrastructure and help in a political system, thus making uncertain millions of Afghans and millions of peace and democracy loving people from all over the world, attaching great hopes with Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad lead US peace talks with Qatar assembled Taliban commanders, stationing and commanding from Quetta Baluchistan of Pakistan.

Though original text of the agreement is not yet made public by either side but from last two days a 10-point agreement is under discussion through media at different level, especially amongst the Pakhtoons living on both sides of Pak-Afghan border. Almost of these points are in interests of Taliban, even Taliban’s declared patron and sponsor Pakistan. Through such agreement, the US and its allies are also bound to help and embark on a fight against the militants of Islamic States (IS) Khorasan, sheltering in scattered areas of Afghanistan. Taliban considering the IS presence in Afghanistan to its and Pakistan interests.

Following are the briefs of 10-point agreement;

1) Afghanistan will sign an agreement with Pakistan. (There is no further description but it meant agreement pertained to recognition of Durand Line as a permanent border between the two countries. Afghanistan unanimously whereas nationalist minded Pakhtoons from Pakistan are reluctant to recognize the Durand Line as a permanent border between the two countries.)

2) Disintegration of Afghanistan into different zones or states. ( Its mean to destablise the provinces, nationalities and communities and establish a centralized or a Federal System whereas almost decisions would rest with the ruler in Kabul. In such a case, the ruler in Kabul will not be answerable to any state organ, nationality or community.)

3) The existing Constitution could be replaced by a new constitution of Taliban to be based on its introduced/enforced “own mind Islamic doctrine –called as Amar Bil Maroof Wa Nahi Anil Munkar). As a result of Taliban enforced system in September 1996, there was peace and tranquility in Afghanistan but its people were deprived of every sort of politic, human, civil and economic rights. Almost of their lives were at mercy of Taliban. Even girls school s had been locked in all over Afghanistan and the women were confined to homes.)

4) The existing National Army of Afghanistan will be abolished and will be replaced by an army of Taliban, mostly trained for militancy and terrorist purposes. ( The Taliban militants are not only belongs to Afghanistan but they are also from Pakistan and several other countries. In 1996-2001, a large number of Pakistani militants were not only remain part of Taliban’s fight against different Afghan groups but even they remain occupants of Executive positions).

5) Powers and authorities of President could be reduced and these powers could be transferred to Governors. (Its means to make weak the government in Kabul and let the governors to make deals and heals with the rulers of neighbouring countries).

6) Taliban leaders and commanders will be independent and autonomous in their controlled areas and the central government in Kabul would not interfere. Its mean that Taliban wants to make destablise and disintegrate Afghanistan with passage of time like of Lebanon).

7) There will be a central Shura of Ulema ( all from Taliban). This shura will be above of Constitution and would issue decrees regarding different internal and external matters. In fact this Shura will be similar to Iran’s “Majlis Khubargaan” ( the Shura of elders). In presence of Shura, President and Parliament would remain under pressure forever.’

8) The US and NATO would go on a war against the militants of Islamic States (IS-Daeesh) in Afghanistan. (Its mean that US would remain in Afghanistan and this clause would give another turn to war and hostilities in Afghanistan).

9) The US would maintain its spy establishment in Afghanistan with name of Engineers and other technical staffers. (Through this clause, Taliban and US links confirmed and could be renewed for another round of strategy in South and Central Asian region).

10) There will be no any international guarantee for return of peace and ending to hostilities in Afghanistan. ( It confirms again that purposes of US-Taliban agreement doesn’t mean an end to war and violence in Afghanistan but a shift in crises/hostilities, going on the soil of Afghanistan since July 16, 1973 when Sardar Muhammad Daud Khan made a successful and peaceful coup against king Muhammad Zahir Shah.

The coup of Sardar Daud Khan against his cousin King Zahir Shah was in fact was declared harmful to its interests not only by Pakistan’s civil-military establishment but also by monarchs in neighbouring Iran and Saudi Arab. It re-confirms that US is still having stakes and interests in the region, therefore, intends to continue its presence through one or the others. But prolonged US presence in the region could also prove harmful to the very interests of Pakistan, which seems going towards isolation on the issue of Kashmir and militancy.


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