JAMRUD: The political administration of Khyber Agency has ordered unregistered Afghan refugees to leave the Jamrud tehsil.
Assistant political agent Muhammad Riaz held a Jirga with Jamrud tehsil tribal elders and directed the tribal elders to ask the unregistered Afghan refugees in their respective areas to leave the agency. No obvious deadline was given to the unregistered Afghan refugees, however, assistant political agent warned to demolish houses of those Afghans who refuse to leave the area.
Assistant political agent said that Afghan refugees were directed to leave the area after the demand of tribal Jirga. He said that majority of Afghans are involved in crimes and selling drugs in the area. Furthermore, he said that the registered Afghan refugees would also ensure to leave peacefully in the area strict action would be taken against them.

Sajjad Ali is the founder of Peshawar Today. He is a journalist by profession and working in field for the last ten years. Previously he worked for national media organizations including ‘The Nation’ Daily Pakistan Today, Khyber News. He also worked in media development sector. He can be reached at sajjad.sovereign@gmail.com


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