Unprecedent assault on American democracy

The joint session conference of Congress was going to be held in the capital building at Washington DC to certify, the results of electoral college. Meanwhile the mob surrounded the capital building they chanted slogans against the new administration. The police took quick action to control the mob while the leaders of congress were taken under police custody and they were shifted to safe places.

In fact, the capital of USA Washington DC is under tight security and police protection now as thousands of protesters had been in the streets to raise their voice against the current election of 2020, as one of the worst rigged election in the history of USA. The protesters are demanding the reelection in electoral college which had given an opportunity to Joe Baiden to hold his office as President of USA since 20th January 2020 till 2024.The American elections are held every four years .The Ex- American President Donald Trump delivered, his fierce speech to the procession and put allegations on the Joe Baiden and his colleagues ,the administration and even the underground elements who made it possible to oust him from the race of American Presidentship. This time curfew has been imposed in Washington DC since 6:00 pm to 6:00 Am to avoid any clash between the protesters and police force and to stop any unpleasant event.

The people have sized the Capital building in Washington DC which they had engulfed from all sides and some people had entered inside the building after continuous scuffle and clashes with police force in spite of tight security. It has also been observed that the masses are turn to be hostile on the issues and they had broken the windows, glasses ,chairs and everything come in their way. Some of the democrat’s members told, on twit that we were given instruction to laid down on the floor and wear the gas mask. The Chamber security and capital police have their guns drawn as protesters is back and in the front of the chamber and I am also in the front of the chamber. The protesters in the capital buildings are knocking the door continuously and with huge force and causing panic and chaos.

These are unpresented events very scarcely could be seen in Washington DC. It was observed even that one person was find sitting on the chair of Speaker and issuing orders. The police are issuing warning to the people that they should leave the capital building soon or be prepared for the before any misshape. Due to tense situation and announcement of Police most of the people could be seen leaving the capital building. During processions the Ex-president Donald trump delivered his fierce speech.While speaking to the mob the trump announced his old narration and clarify that the US election were the worst in the history of USA. It were Bogus and rigged election. Unfortunately, the Donald trump could not prove the allegation inside the supreme court of USA after a month struggle, so how the people will believe it?

The president encouraged the people to raise against the rigged election and they should move to the capital for their right. Although the protesters had gathered , they had plan to move towards capital as well but they spread after chanting slogans. The Donlad Trump even criticized the speaker of National Assembly for a sort of favor to Baiden and certification of rigged election and electoral college in such a way.

However, after realizing the true motto of the mass destruction Trump realized, the situation and he announced that being peaceful people and having firm believe in democracy and party contribution we should not create law and order situation for the police and country. So be peaceful during rally.
Just after the incident the new US president Joe Baiden on US television announced the true motto behind it, and said, it is an assault on American democracy which is unpresented and unusual ,while the American people will discourage the elements with negative mind and will prove that democracy is the best revenge.
He said,that what is happening today, never represent the American people and it is happening because it is for the first time in USA history and is a bad sign for democratic values.

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