Top 10 Movies of 2021

By: Yusra Waheed

As we bid farewell to 2021, it is the time to recall some of the fascinating movies of this year. Despite the Pandemic, Hollywood film industry did wonders in making some of the great movies throughout the year 2021. We can watch and rewatch the best Top 10 Hollywood movies this year had offered.

The twenty-fifth film of James Bond film series “No time to die” is a spy fiction and one of the most brilliant movie of this year that honours the classic era while still maintaining the gritty realism of modern series. In this film, Bond who is recruited by CIA to find the kidnapped scientist which leads to action of the play. Daniel Craig’s last movie catches wide attention of the people due it’s gripping plot; exciting, nail biting and suspenseful. It is the longest of Bond’s film till date.

Shang-Chi And the legend of Ten Rings” is a another soulful movie of 2021 with an engaging action scenes and heartfelt characters. It is gorgeously choreographed. With its defining characteristic, the film is executed brilliantly with all the adventurous effects; it hits you with surprises which is most notable and commendable. What’s most notable here is that the film pretty much does everything well. And its themes—of generational dissonance, found identity, and forgiveness—are woven into the film ingeniously.

One of the most touching and heart-breaking movie “The Father” is yet another movie that is in the top list. The movie revolves around several themes; time perception, parental approval and love. The main character of the movie is an 80 years old man who is suffering from dementia. Throughout the movie, the dialogues and Hopkin’s/ Anthony remarkable acting is undeniably incredible and is beyond brilliant. Hopkins final five minutes of the movie was extremely heartbreaking and true depiction of human psychology. The story has devastating yet a powerful ending.
“Dune” that was originally scheduled to hit the theatres in December 2020 but due to COVID 19 Pandemic the film was delayed and released in October 2021. After watching the movie one would realise why the movie was delayed so far is because of its theatrical features. The movie deserves to be watched on big screens. Dune is every bit an immersive visual masterpiece . According to the viewers, it is one of the greatest science fiction movie ever displayed on silver screen.

A Quiet Place part 2” surpassed viewers expectations with its thrilling suspense and became one of the best movie of year 2021. The movie is about a family who is struggling for survival. The first scene of the movie is so captivating that sets the stage for all the thrill and adventure.

The Suicide Squad” is another joyride for viewers from start till the end. Action comedy of James Gunn is an absolute blast. According to the viewers it is by far the best movie of Gunn’s film. The film keeps the balance with going to opposite extremes with both fun and violence.

Another exciting and romantic movie of 2021 is “Palm Springs” Andy Samberg with his phenomenal performance and acting turns the emotions of viewers into awe. Written with empathy and humour the film is another achievement. The movie revolves around the theme of time-loop.

Free Guy” is listed in top movies of 2021; if you are a gamer, you simply can’t miss this one. As an action comedy Free Guy is action-packed family movie with exceptional laughs. According to the people, it is one of the brightest movie in the world of gaming. If you are a game-inspired person, this is a must watch.

An absolute masterpiece of Disney movies, “Cruella” is yet another fascinating movie of this year. The movie takes place in 70’s and you will often hear a lot of 70’s song throughout the movie. From classic wardrobe to wonderful story line, this movie is a masterpiece. If you are fan of 70’s glam this movie is for you.

Minari” is semi-autobiographical beautiful family movie written and directed by Lee Isaac Chung. It is an ordinary story of a struggling family. What is remarkable about this movie is the characters that stay strong and connected when they face hard times. It portrays the different shades of family dynamics. A story of how unity and love of family can overcome all the challenges no matter how tough they are.

Hollywood had released plenty of great movies this year which are treat to watch for entertainment lovers. From psychologically thriller to action comedy, movies of 2021 bring greater delight with its important themes.

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