The Arms race competition

By Sajid shah

The legacy of arms for protection is as old as human history. It gives protection to life and creates deterrence of power amongst the rivals. However, the most dangerous weapons and nuclear arsenals which makes appearance in post-cold war situation targeted the world with huge losses. Still the world has to go through its bitter and harsh experiences like in Syiria, Armenia, Yeman, Afghanistan, Palestine etc.

The America and Russia possess more dangerous war arsenals than any other country of the world. The America possess 1642, the Russians possess 1643 war arsenals in their stock pilum. Both these countries agreed once to reduce the dangerous stocks and to use its tangible outcome on human development.

The Use of nuclear bomb in second world war created so many questions for the world leaders to devise a strategy for reduction of dangerous weapons used in the wars. The question of American President like Hennery S Truman who ordered to destroy the civilized and populous cities of japan aggravated the situation. Still in 21st century even the executive orders of American president could be carried in true letter and spirit if he desires that once again the world should go through the experiences of atomic bomb explosion.

The idea of nuclear disarmament world was encouraged half century ago, when nearly fifty countries decided in a meeting to minimize the Arms race and while making the world free of weapons of mass destruction.Today,1/6th of the world population has followed it but still the world is not free of its occurrence nor of its abundance and the threat to the world is still hanging like sword of Damocles on the wall. Although, the fifty members states who had signed once the treaty had reached to 120 members state but the problem is in multiplication stage never in controlling phase. The big nations are looking for the trade of arms ,selling of arms to the partners and they are looking for open market to sell their products especially the America and Russians.

The question of disarmament or race competition in wars is asked more frequently by the critics to know its strength and power. In simple words it is refers to the elimination of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The war of today is very little connected with one’s physical strengths it is more like the techniques displayed by the collective wisdom or killing more people with one stanch.

Just like a drone strike(drone technology with 2 meter length only) is an attack by one or more unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAV).It does not require any pilot to carry the orders. The sketch drawn by computer and carried by Drone reach for more than 1100 miles automatically focus the target .It cannot be followed not destroy in most cases in Radars. So, the use of drone attacks, Anti Billistaic Missile, long Range Missile, Atom and hydrogen bomb, mustard and chlorine Gaseous, radioactive fallout etc are some of the ways to carry the modern warfare system attached with missiles technology only. Now a days it is not wars to be fought in the battlefield but mostly on computer screens with targeted approach.

Although, the world has entered in to a new phase of scientific and technological developments which had changed the concept of traditional warfare in to strategic war industrial zone and conflicts. So we need to understand the situation of cyber net and modern warfare technology, the logjams of machinery and failing systems through computer technology. The Middle East, the Arab world, the south east Asia, the farmost west countries, the Balkan states all fell one by one to the system prevailed in today’s world.

Due to the conventional arms race competition and its multiplications had put the world at risk and anytime accident of unpleasant circumstances could take place. Like in case of COVID-19 when one country created virus and the other is creating vaccine.

The Stocklom International Peace Research institute reported last year that America is the largest supplier of Arms in the world. The American lonely ,supply major 30% of the total world arms. While other countries responsible to promote and expedite the process of arms includes China, Germany, France ,netherland with 75 % of the total Arms supplier in the world.

When the first nuclear bomb was detonated on Japan in 1945,it gives a message that how a future world should be? The destroyed, annoyed and ruined communities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki still presents a dreadful and sorrowful situation compelling the world to overview, look and revised their strategy and abolished the arms competition arms of mass destruction and nuclear background.

The United Nation Organization while understanding and realizing the situation ratified the treaty, on Prohibition of Nuclear weapon treaty (TPNW) but it should not stop the work. This treaty after many decades will once again entry in to force in January,2021,with new commitment by members state, just after a day when the US president will officially take oath.

The treaty should revitalized its strategy according to the new demands and system to be adopted after 2021, with explanation that no country of the world will be allowed under any circumstances to develop ,test, produce, manufuacare, transport or otherwise acquire possess, transfer any such material in any shape to the should be a gentleman commitment and not a hypo critic approach of the past and only, by this way world can be turned safe place for survival.

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