Taliban raising hopes from ‘OIC’ meeting

Amidst growing pressure of addressing Human Rights issues, the Taliban leaders are firm on their solo flight and hopeful for huge expectations from OIC extra ordinary ministerial session scheduled to be held in Islamabad on December 19th next. The Taliban leaders instead, not only justifying their all acts and actions but also blaming the US led allies for exploiting miseries of common men.

Former first Vice President Amar Ullah Saleh in his recent statement claimed that Taliban leaders are “engaged in talks for formation of a coalition government.” But he didn’t clarified that where and who are engaged in these talks. However, inside Afghanistan not only Taliban leaders but also former President Hamid Karzai, ex-chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Engineer Gulbadin Hekmatyar, ex-diplomat Omar Zakhilwal are also engaged in talks with each others and foreign missions/diplomats. They are discussing the only issue “overcoming internal and external hardships.”

From the day first, with commencing US troops pulling out of Afghanistan on May 1st 2021, Pakistan proving/portraying itself the “only attorney” of Afghanistan and calling the global community to “help Afghanistan and its people.” And the main purpose of scheduled OIC is that one-it likely to ask all Islamic countries to help Afghanistan. The Peshawar based newly appointed Consul General Qari Mohib said, “Taliban regime has been recognized by over 200 countries who are talking about addressing miseries of common people and others as well.” So far only Germany announced going to resume its diplomatic operations in Kabul but date and time in this respect yet to be made public.

Though Taliban leaders are denying but reports reveal that political victimization is stimulating with each passing day throughout Afghanistan. Since Human Rights watch Dog reports regarding disappearance and probably killing of over 100 officers and personnel of armed and other security forces, the Taliban leaders and stalwarts are alert and careful. Even in certain areas, the Taliban militants have changed their minds and are very polite towards common people.

On the hand soon after posting of ex-ISI Chief Gen, Faiz Hameed as Corps Commander Peshawar situation is relaxing on Torkham and other crossing points between the two countries. As a result of reliefs, number of Afghans visiting Pakistan is increasing day by day. However, bilateral trade between the two countries yet to be increased/resumed.

Shamim Shahid

Shahmim Shahid is Peshawar-based senior political and security analyst. He can be reached at

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