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Peshawar’s famous Namak Mandi food street reopens after three months

PESHAWAR: The aroma of mouthwatering barbecues and traditional spices is back to rule the streets of Peshawar. The city’s most famous food street, Namak Mandi, reopened after three months.
The delicious scent of dishes such as karahi and handi lure in residents, forcing them to bless their taste buds with the succulent spices.
According to shopkeepers and hotel owners, however, the business has been slow as compared to what it was before the coronavirus lockdown.
“Before the lockdown, we used to sell more than 200 kilos of meat in a day,” a hotel owner said. “The amount has now shrunk to selling 60 kilos to 70 kilos in a day,” he added.
One of the reasons for this decline is the restriction on dine-in facilities by hotels. They are only allowed to provide takeaway and delivery facilities to the customers.
Shopkeepers are hopeful that as people get used to the new normal, the losses they faced during the lockdown will be recovered.
Peshawar’s Namak Mandi is popular for its traditional dishes that are cooked with a minimum of ingredients and spices majorly salt, tomatoes and green chillies. The dishes are popular across the country.

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