Palestine’s Lives Matter

By: Eiman Jamil

On May 10, 2021 during the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Israeli forces barged into Masjid Al-Aqsa and attacked innocent Palestinians with tear gas and rubber-coated rounds. Since then, the Palestinians have long been subject to apartheid, evictions and unjust military treatment by Israeli Forces with continuous attacks on the Gaza strip without de-escalating the state of affairs.

The on-going terrorism on unarmed innocent Palestinians by Israel’s Armed Forces is also trending on social media across the world. Muslim majority countries besides Pakistan as, Indonesia, Lebanon, Iraq, Qatar and Turkey – have strongly voiced support for Palestine in the form of official statements and demonstrations. Huge number of protesters also gathered in other counties as the UK, Spain, Germany and even in the Indian-occupied Kashmir to champion freedom for Palestine.

Although Islam has 1.8 billion adherents, making up about 24.1% of the world population compared to – 0.2% share of the world’s population that is Jewish– which is expected to remain about the same in 2050. Yet, the occupying and continued colonization of Palestine, attacks on the Muslims Holy site; Al-Aqsa Masjid and attempts to impede access of Muslims to Qibla-e-Awal, the killing of innocent children, unarmed women, peaceful youth and the continuous barbarism by the Israelis Armed Forces on Palestinians is a loud call towards Muslims communities to unite and stand undivided for the cause of peace and humanity.

Although Muslims outnumbers Jews, yet they lack the courage and strength to stay united unlike the other, partly because, they have long forgotten their purpose of existence and their strong history. Muslims in 21st century, under the influence of West, beyond the paradox of celebrating a bygone Islamic civilization through chants of “Unity with Palestine” at the height of Islamophobia in the world are facing challenges to set themselves free from fears of political, economic and social dependance on Western world. The influence of Western civilization is deep-rooted on Muslim communities with gradual attacks on their identities through politics, media and education. Navigating the cultural conflicts between West and Islam is not an inconsequential challenge given sharply contrasting worldviews; the two domains of knowledge are poorly matched.

Islam offers a totalized worldview encompassing all spheres of community intercourse: political, economic, social, etc. The West isolates the spheres of knowledge and action and enshrines the individual. Muslims across the world continue to experience prejudice, intimidation, exclusion, ethnic cleansing, discrimination, misunderstanding, terrorism and hatred. Yet, the irony of Western Media is, it’s mostly Muslims who are portrayed as Terrorists. Muslims are mostly offended by Western Media through demonization of them as extremists, fundamentalists, terrorist, religious zealots. Moreover, the Islamic moral ethical traditions are always attacked through western cultural practices on media as gambling, illicit sexual relations, immodest dress code of women, drinking alcohol, and even incest.

Pakistani Minster of Foreign Affairs, Shah Mehmood Qureshi being alleged over his courageous and bold remarks on Israel’s violence in Palestine as antisemitic by the western media, recently, is an example of how Muslims are facing the dilemma of finding their authentic voice in popular Western media, balanced against their apprehensions of cultural assimilation and loss of identity. The attack on Muslims of Palestine during their Holy Month, is not seen as religious intolerance against them which has exacerbated war-like circumstances in Palestine by Western Media, the killing of children who had dreams of brighter futures, the dispossessing of helpless families from their own lands, the airstrikes on Palestinians and arrest of innocent women of courage by Israel’s is not voiced as “violation of Human Rights” by the “Deep Pockets” who control the media, but as “act of self-defense” by Israel . The tone-deaf statements by the Western Media is alarmingly promoting partiality, discrimination and unacceptance towards Muslim communities.

Violence has since escalated in Palestine as the world stands in solidarity with her. However, the champion of “Human Rights”; United States feel otherwise. Despite the worse human rights violations against Palestinians, who are suffering far worse than racial violence, the United States is probably downplaying the degree of violence in Gaza to safeguard its economic, geopolitical and military interests with Israel. The support of Israel by few developed countries is shaking Muslims from deep slumber of losing their freedom by following western culture which has no match with Islamic traditions and values, of forgetting the Message of Allah, the teaching of Quran and of Muhammad (SAWW), of the dauntless Caliphs of Islam, and the inspirational Islamic Leaders as Khalid Bin Walid, Rabia Basri, Fatima Bint-e-Muhammad etc. Muslims in current time are divided through temptation for fleshly desires with no long-term planning for safeguarding their religious ideology; they are enslaved to their Nafs through fulfilling worldly desires as lust and greed and have fallen into sectarianism.

Muslims in third world countries as Pakistan, are far away from understating the religion Islam despite countless Madrassas and Mosques. For people in such countries religion is limited to few practices of Islam; teachings of Islam are focused on Ibadat; not much on Ikhlakeyat ; nor on science, technology and politics. Technology is used for watching porns; illicit relations; lives are limited to marriages; family politics; land-grabbing from orphans; widows and economically, socially or ethnically disadvantaged; moral and financial corruption is at peak; the purpose of lives of Muslims is lost. Neither educational institutes nor parents are playing a positive role in producing strong individuals who could excel in the field of education, science and technology, economics, media, astronomy, medical etc by holding a strong and leading position whose voice would matter and who could take stand for Muslim community.

Until Muslims understand their mental slavery to Western culture, the realization of the fact would help them gain courage to speak against the killings of Muslims as acts of terrorism and not termed it as “conflict” like the recent tweet by young Muslim Leader “Malala Yuzafzai” which has enraged Pakistani nation. The choice of words for condemning the attacks on Palestinians by Activist Malala Yusafzai clearly show her fear from losing her influence in Western Media and her slavery to the West, as commented by huge number of Twitterati, simultaneously, Shah Mehmmod Qureshi is applauded by all Muslims across the world for his bold statements over the violence of Israel on Palestinians, in this interview on CNN.

In brief, all lives matter, so does Palestine’s Lives Matter and if Muslims stand undivided for the cause of truth and justice, they can win the war against any injustice and discrimination. The strength of Muslims is in “Iman” (Faith), which is evident from the smiles of unarmed Palestinians, who are determined to fight for freedom at the cost of their lives fearlessly. Additionally, the cause of Truth and Justice, do not need us to be Muslims, but Humans, and Muslim community is grateful to the support of all non-Muslims who are standing fearlessly for Palestine against the tyranny of Israel during this testing time. Likewise, not all Jews are same, some have compassion and humanity too who are supporting Palestinians.


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