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Shahmim Shahid is Peshawar-based senior political and security analyst. He can be reached at shamimpeshawar@gmail.com

Violent acts in Kabul an attempt to sabotage Pak-Afghan negotiation process: Afghan consular general

PESHAWAR—Afghanistan Consul General in Peshawar Dr. Muhammad Moeen Marastyal while expressing concern over recently held violent acts in Kabul, Qandahar and Helmand, has termed...

PTI lost majority in KP

Ruling party requires at least 63/124 for formation of government in the province. PTI’s strength was 60 and its coalition JI comprises 7 members. And now in the light of Imran Khan’s decision, coalition government strength reduced to 47.
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PTM vs PTM – a move like of Bengal whereas the rulers made unsuccessful...

Pakistan Zindabad (long live Pakistan) is now followed by Pakistan Tahafuz Movement (PTM) just to resist and flush away the growing influence of indigenously...
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PTM- a move of Pakhtoon renaissance

Despite hectic efforts on the part of government functionaries, the indigenously organized Pakhtoon Tahafuz Tehrik (PTM) succeeded in demonstrating a well attended power show...
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PTM ahead with government’s anger

So far from 75 to 80 cases of land mines explosions registered only in Mehsud dominated areas of South Waziristan in second half of 2017
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Mysterious Islamic States- Daaesh, could be considered next generation of Al Qaeda?

Despite claims, and even proofs of United States well targeted action, certain circles from both Pakistan and Afghanistan are considering the Islamic States (IS)...
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Good Taliban did what didn’t by British colonial rulers, successors in over 100 years

Surrender of banned Tehrik Taliban Pakistan spokesperson Qari Ihsan Ullah Ihsan and co' is being followed by a secret peace deal with another militant...
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Pak-Afghan tension killing humanity

Zar Khan an Afghan national imprisoned in Peshawar Central Jail has got release on bail when his son, for whom treatment he had sold...
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Pak-Army changing FATA policies

In the wake of non-violence, peaceful and non political sit in at Islamabad which is continued for around 10 days, security forces (armed forces)...
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Politics of alliances, somersaults harmful to democracy?

History of horse trading or forced loyalty changes started along with inception of the country when founding Muslim League made successful attempts of replacing All Indian Congress allies’ governments in Punjab and present KP

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