Past and future scenario of the LG polls

The term local government refers to lowest tires of public administration. In other words, it is a kind, of government which involves the people at gross root level to decide what they want and also to develop policies and plan according to their own aspiration and needs. The world best system lies in kinds of governance evolved through this system and many European countries(Netherlands, Holland ,Norway, Sweden, British had developed system of Management, tax invasion and services delivery through this mechanism. Even in the advanced country like USA the elections are held through electoral college. The direct vote of common man elects a person in their own area known to them, who then contribute to the country economy and prosperity.
All the political, stable government have had such system of local body in one form or in the other. No doubt in the actual plan the people say, and voices had great impact because a common man could not reach to the people who are in corridor of power especially the members of parliament. In a broader sense the National and provincial assembly along with Senate shall be confined, to their original job of making policies and laws for a country. A democratic system should have a mechanism for common man whose problems could be listen at the door step and solve. unfortunately, all such governments excepts few had been introduced in the Military regime by dictators in Pakistan. Although they did it for their own sake and lust but they produce better results in some cases. The legislation is the job of parliament and the people problems must be solved through a network of local bodies representative is accredited by all political parties but why they are feeling fears is unknown and there would be many reasons for it? Even when the Pakistan Tehrik Insaf raised slogan that legislation at provincial and national assemblies would be preferred in future and the rest of the job shall be done through local bodies it was a good gesture in fact.
Unfortunately, the government of PTI delayed the local bodies election nearly about one and half year period. Though one of the major reasons was no doubt the COVAID-19 Pandemic but the political critics are of the view, that present government is applying tactics to delay election. Because such election at gross root level will produced baffling results for them. Just two weeks ago the supreme court had issued clear order for holding of election in the country without any further delay. In response to the government decision the provincial government of KPK has announced the local bodies election in two phases. Similarly the Punjab has decided on the same pattern.
The local bodies election and its concept was introduced for the first time by Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub khan on 27th October 1959 in Pakistan. It was basically the attempt he made to involve the people in a sort of politics during the Military regime. Although its nature and motive were other than what he explained that the people would have an opportunity to solve their problems at the doorstep. The concept was known BD system, means Basic Democracy system having 84000 members at country level. Later on these BD members were formed as electoral college to cast their votes in the favor of dictator. The BD system of Ayub Khan was four tiered hierarchical structure comprising of Union council, tehsil council, the district council and the divisional councils .In spite of all such efforts the Ayub khan regime failed to achieve the targets in the stereotype and traditional approach of politics In the country .The next government of Pakistan people party under the dynamic leadership of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto remain in power for more than a period of eight years. His government was the first to give the 1973 constitution to Pakistan but was silent on the local bodies election. After the General Ziaul Haq who came in to power throwing the elected government of Bhutto in 1977, focused on local bodies election. He revised the local government policy through local government ordinances in 1979 and 1980.The system was valid up to 1995.The councils elected from themselves a chairman and vice chairman. The Managerial and economic power was be hosted to chairman as head of the local councils.In his government managerial, advisory and supportive committees were constituted including reforms in Zakat committees. He also introduced for the first time Nizam Sulat members in each village.But the system died when in 1988 his plane was destroyed in the air.
In the period of Presiednt Musharf who took power in 1999,the local government system blossom well. Besides other intervention he introduced devaluation power plan. The structure was also changed and Zila Nazim was given power and protocols’ Management, economy and growing circumstances Mushraf introduced and expanded the local government system for involving all fractions of the includes the peasants, workers, female and minorities and retired personnel thus strengthening the old system of ownership and effective governance style . The change in the structure and function of local government created many committees like public safety commission, citizen community board, Zila mohtasib etc. In Musharaf regime the departments were devolved and the Deputy commissioner of each district was named as District coordination officer . The power the DC had from the British rule as beurucrtitic style were reduced and kept under the laps of Nazmim All. The foreign funding and capacity building programmes were initiated. The laws were introduced in the parliament keeping the district government intact, effective and deceives in decision making. The basic theme of intruding the local bodies election was to devolve power in to gross root level. Resources generation and utilization of funds in developmental work by the local people according to their own needs, requirement is the basic philosophy. In other words it could be called local self-government system. These elections were developed step by step following the British rule who introduced local government in india in traditional structure called punchayat.
After the supreme court decision on the local bodies election a ray of hope has been emerged country wide. The local government election in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab will be held on April 8 and July 20, respectively. The tenure of Baluchistan local government was completed on January 27,2019,Khyber pakhtunkwa was completed on August,28,2019,Sindh time was completed on August,20,2020 and Punjab on May,2 2019.In all the provinces the time frame could not be followed because of Covaid-19 pandemic.


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