Continuation of turmoil in Afghanistan is dangerous for regional countries

Whatever might be strategies of US, Taliban and Taliban’s financiers but continuation of over four decades long turmoil in Afghanistan is becoming a serious issue and now becoming very harmful to rest of South and Central Asian countries. The trend of violence, terror, extremism and even hostilities are now made stable in almost of South Asian countries. Whereas the US already succeeded in its presence in the region.

From last several weeks, Sikh farmers in India re on agitation against agricultural policies of Prime Minister Narindra Moody regime-which is being dubbed by media as Khalistan Movement. Whereas Pakistan besides worst kind of economic, poverty and price hike is also facing sever political polarization. In such a situation, continuation of violence, terror and growing internal hostilities in Afghanistan could be considered a serious issue. From last several months not only Qatar based Taliban but a number of leading politico-communal groups within Afghanistan are demanding an interim set up.

Though the US through its special envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad seems in favour of the demand but majority of Afghans who have witnessed fall of Dr. Najib Ullah government in April 1992 last are opposing this demand. These people believe discontinuation of political process or transition of power to another imposed/agreed government could lead to anarchy like situation of April 1992 and it could be beneficial only to those who either wants disintegration of Afghanistan or intends to exploit the anarchy like situation for their own nefarious designs.

No doubt to mention that President Dr. Ashraf Ghani government has lost its credibility amongst the Afghans but common men, particularly those who believe in peace and stability are supporting his stance. President Ghani has already rejected the demand pertained to transfer of power to what it called interim national government. At this stage only Tehrik Taliban Afghanistan also called Emirate Islami Afghanistan is believed to be an organized, stable and powerful group whereas the rest of including former Jihadi and political groups are facing rifts and divisions.

The Afghan Taliban leaders and commanders are already in good terms with Saudi Arab led Muslim countries including Pakistan. Some of these Islamic countries are allegedly extending very sort of financial and logistic support to Afghan Taliban. And formation or transfer of power to proposed interim national government would not only be beneficial to these Taliban but also meant revival of Taliban’s 1996-2001 like system in the already war-stricken Afghanistan. And in such a case, Afghanistan could again become a safe haven for the terrorists and extremists from all over the world. Situation for Pakistan after 9/11 is now different. Revival of Taliban regime across the border in Afghanistan will not be in interests of Pakistan and several other countries including Iran and India.

Now when US President Joe Biden along with asking Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad to continue work on his peace mission, also hinted re-visiting its external policies including Afghanistan, needs to keep in mind arising of April 1992 like situation when warlords have not only sabotaged the UN peace missions buy have exploited the anarchy like situation. President Joe Bid is well experienced and much more aware of South and Central Asian situation. Instead of giving an opportunity to Afghanistan internal and external elements of continuing bloodshed, must take steps in according to wishes and expectations of Afghans-who have been made fed up by prolonged war, imposed by external forces. These Afghans are desirous for return of peace and stability, therefore, President Joe Biden in particular and rulers from rest of the regional Asian countries in general needs to help these war affected people of war-devastated Afghanistan. The continue economic and political crises in India and Pakistan could pose bad impacts on Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad peace efforts and internal situation of Afghanistan as well.


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