World Disability Day: where Pakistan stands

By: Sajid Shah

Every, year the World disability day, is celebrated on 3rd December. On this day, the work and progress made by the physically challenged people is presented and the world famous celebrities are appreciated for their role they displayed, in a society.There are thousand names who did a lot in various fields like Mr.Stephen Hawking one of the world greatest mind scientist on wheel chair is admired for his achievements as scientist. Similarly, Tom shakespere, Johan, Elie,Javed Abidi work and achievements for the services of mankind could be highly appreciated being people with disability.

The International day of persons with disabilities (CRPD)was adopted by the General Assembly on 13th December 2006, in recognition of the rights for disable persons. It had ratification by 164 signatories. The United Nation Organization since 1992, started the day with love and sympathy for others if they, had a form of disability and still they are producing result oriented achievements. The different form of disability was listed for the first time when it was called Vision Impairment, deaf or hard hearing, mental health condition or mentally retard people, Intellectual disability, acquired brain injury, austism spectrum disorder, physical disability etc. Beside this 21 kinds of disabilities have been listed which needs special attention. The people with disabilities have no accessibility and equality in the societies. Moreover, the people with disabilities do not have participation in society at any level which discourages them. They disabled people are usually ignored people by their kith and kings and society. It is generally believed in most of the communities that such people are liabilities on their families an societies .Mostly, the people with disability have no skills, education and jobs and so they live a life full of misery and poverty always.

In social life even, the people with disability are cornered and pushed to the walls by their elders and family members. In such conditions they are even treated un- humanly. In our society, the disable people can be used for collecting donations. Even the Mafia on the name of begging used them for huge money collection on roads, at mosques and they draw the attention of people by various pretext to collect money and exploit them.

Mostly, the people with disabilities are illiterate because the family members don’t send them to school, never give any attention to them. People with disability feel shame to go to school and on the other hand the children at school and the people in streets called them with bad names(like langra, blind etc).So they are discouraging from the very beginning and while knowing their future to be dependent on others they have just to live with substandard life demanding nothing more than a Mosel of food. The world has recognized that such people who have disability needs care and attention by the stakeholders. They need good names and respect like the other humans in society. They need education for their survival. if they have been born to a family by chance having the disability then what is their sin? Why they are giving quip by the society. Although, they are called physically challenged people but it had never changed the mentality and behavior of the people worldwide except few countries of the Europe. Where they are given privileges and attention. Unfortunately, the world even though after recognition of the Disability could not streamline them to the main access and that is still a big problem.

The Disability is a complex phenomenon and it is not only a health problem to be explained. A disability is any condition that makes it more difficult for a person to do activities participate and perform function required by society. In most cases the disable people are treated as special people and they are given pity and kindness in behavior but they are not given their rights, respects by institutions and other human beings. Although, the disability may be in the form of cognitive, developmental, intellectual, mental, physical or sensory. In all its form it gives distorted shape to the disable people.

If we look in to a mirror so it has been estimated that there are more than 2 billion disabled people in the world, that’s is 37.5% of the world population. Moreover, one billion people, or 15% of the world population, experience some sort of disability but they are not properly registered. The percentage of disable people is more common in developing countries than developed one.

In Pakistan 2.83 %population has disability issue. The world forum must take in to consideration the needs, rights and privileges of the disable people on priority and give them respect, education and health facilities so that they could live with honor and prestige. The society at the same time should not treat them with discriminatory behavior. it is a time to recognize the rights of disable people at homes, schools, offices, public places at government level and give them due rights in society.


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