PESHAWAR— Fifty-year-old Shihnaz belong to Peshawar is one of ninth lady who is suffering from breast cancer since two years. She feel pain in breast and after checkup doctors diagnose breast cancer. She feels pain in right side breast but after surgery the doctors diagnose cancer in left breast.

There is no government hospital where people get cancer treatment except IRNUM hospital, while Shaukat Khanum Memoral Hospital and other private hospitals are facilitating cancer patients.

Brest surgery surgeon Dr. Amjad Ali said, more than ten million cancer patients annually in Pakistan and fifteen thousand  from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are register, he told that its number are more but due to unavailability of resources and unawareness people did not registered. Every ninth women of total women population are suffering from breast cancer while one male in thousand is also surfing from this disease.

There are so many issues in Pakistan to breast cancer patients which including awareness regarding this serious disease, lack of information, proper registration of patients, hiding patients due to society hurdles, proper treatment, facility for the patients leads to death more patients in Pakistan.

Resident of Nowshehra rabia Khan fiancé break up her engagement when he know that she has been diagnose with breast cancer. She said that her fiancé lover her but after breast surgery he told me that, your beauty is no more and he marry anther girl. Rabia is now healthy and she is going for regular doctor checkup but her parents are worry about her new engagement.

Associate professor at Radiology department Pims hospital Islamabad Dr. Ashiya is also a prominent member of health ministry breast cancer awareness campaign told that, breast cancer is a serious issues in Pakistan most of breast cancer patents are diagnose with cancer in third or fourth stages and cancer spread to liver or bones in these stages. She explain that 95 percent patients can get rid from cancer in 1st stage and 90 percent patient getting safe life from breast cancer if they start proper treatments. She said that, in our society women did not inform their family members about their serious issues and it becomes chronic and after that the treatment of disease become impossible.

Twenty five year old Samreen started her breast cancer treatment when she feel tumour in her right breast. She became healthy after surgery and going for routine check up to Irnum hospital. She said that people asked about breast cancer and she did not want to know other people about her body.

According to World Health Organization Pakistan is a country women death due to breast cancer ratio is very high, a report says seventeen thousand persons annually are dead due to breast cancer but according to health department of Pakistan 110 women daily become dead in Pakistan. Annually ninety billion dollar are invested on breast cancer treatment and eighty million dollar are invested on awareness of breast cancer.

Dr. Ajad Ali told that 95 percent women dead in five year treatment is due to late start their treatment, but in other countries many women get rid from breast cancer due to on time treatment.

In urban area there is no facility of breast cancer treatment, health advisor to Prime Minister Dr. Zafar Mirza stated that, due to limited resources and lack of facility in urban area breast cancer patients cannot get proper treatment and the ratio of annual death of cancer patient is very high but we are trying to provide quality facility for breast cancer patients. He explain that health ministry plan awareness campaign at urban area in which Leady Health Workers will visit door to door to aware women regarding breast cancer.

Dr. Amjad Ali said that in government has issued a notification to all hospital for breast surgery training but still there is no training have been conducted and patients still facing many problems in proper treatments.

Reasons of Breast Cancer

According to Dr. Amjad Ali there are so many reasn of Breast Cancer. He said that it also hereditary diseases, stop breast feeding, old ages, lack of nutrients, lack of vitamin D, life problems, and jhgjjhgkk can cause breast cancer. He said that now a days twenty to eighty year old females are diagnoses with breast cancer which show that breast cancer cause in every stage of life.

Symptom of breast cancer

According to Dr. Aiysha every female should check their body specially their breast if they found some pimples or glator in breast they need to visit near health facility and should diagnose it, if cancer diagnose on time then its treatment become easy. She explain that, if excretion of dampness, redness of breast, pain in breast, small pimples on breast, hardness of breast are symptom of breast cancer.

Prevention of Breast cancer

According to Dr. Amjad Ali at every hospital government should provide basic facility and train doctors on breast surgery then they will help more patients. While Dr. Aiysha said that every lactating women should feed their kid for one year which can safe female from such chronic disease, she said that, cancer is a serious issue we need to aware every one about this chronic dieses.

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