Afghan woman suicide bomber arrested in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: A female suicide bomber has been arrested by Peshawar police here on Wednesday morning.
An Afghan woman terrorist carrying heavy explosive material was on her way to Lahore to commit suicide attack at any public place.
On an informant’s tip, Peshawar police launched operation and took the suicide bomber into custody. They also recovered heavy explosive material from the female suicide bomber. Police said that the women who belonged to Afghanistan confessed that Lahore was her target.
They also stated that eight other suspects including the family members of the bomber have also been taken into custody on the basis of information provided by the woman terrorist.
“We launched action operation after receiving information about the female suicide bomber and we got her,” said SP (city division) Shoaib Khan in Peshawar. “After failure in Peshawar, the woman has set Lahore as the next target but has been caught up,” he further said. The police official said that the woman has been handed over to CTD officials.


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