Couple killed for ‘honour’ in Chitral

CHITRAL— A young girl Tasleema Bibi and her husband were allegedly killed by her family members in what is said to be a case of honour killing in far flung district Chitral.

Local sources said a girl from Dir-Kohistan had entered marriage according to her own choice with a boy from Chitral. The dead body of the girl was found on Wednesday, while the body of the boy was found on Tuesday on a roadside.

Police shifted the body of the girl to hospital for post mortem. The killers of the couple could not be arrested so far. The sources said the body of the slain boy was found on Tuesday on Garam Chashma Road near Shali area, while the body of the slain girl was also found from the same area on Wednesday.

The sources said Tasleema Bibi from Dir-Kohistan entered marriage with Waqar Ahmed from Garam Chashma area of Chitral. The sources said the girl was going to hospital and a family hailing from Dir-Kohistan were also sitting in the vehicle in which she was travelling. After the body of Waqar was found on Tuesday, Tasleema and the family from Dir-Kohistan was also missing. On Wednesday, police received information that the body of the girl was found on the roadside.

Police have filed a case and initiated investigation against the unknown killers.


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