PESHAWAR— The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) cabinet on Tuesday approved the notification declaring 49-new tehsils in tribal districts as well as in settled areas for the purpose of conducting incoming local bodies elections in the province.

“The Khyber government is sincere in taking practical steps to fulfill its constitutional responsibilities for the in timely local bodies elections throughout the province including the newly merged areas,’’ Mehmood Khan remarked.

It was imperative to declare new tehsils established by the Board of Revenue as the local areas for the tehsil’s government because the incoming local bodies elections would be conducted at tehsils’ subdivision level for tehsil local government. This is one of the reasons that the cabinet deemed it necessary that the new 25-tehsils should be declared and then approved for the holding of local bodies’ elections to the tehsil local governments.

The provincial cabinet also approved the ‘KP Universities (2nd Amendment Bill-2019)’ extending the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Universities Act 2012 to the erstwhile FATA and PATA bringing the whole affairs of the universities in one loop. However, the universities before the merger will continue to work and function under the already laid-down law. The cabinet also agreed to the health allowance to the employees of former Directorate General of Special Education, Islamabad in the light of the decision of the High Court.


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