KP Healthcare Commission in grip of a particular family: Hisham Inamullah

PESHAWAR: The Provincial Health Minister Dr Hisham Inamullah said that it was unfortunate that the institutions were not developed on a technical basis since the beginning.

While talking about the healthcare commission, he added the health department formed a new board six months back for achieving an important task. However, he lamented, the commission fell into the hands of a particular family.

The minister said that the provincial inspection team had completed an inquiry on alleged irregularities against the ex-Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and added that the current CEO was the brother-in-law of ex-CEO.

Dr Hisham informed that ex-CEO appointed his son-in-law as the director healthcare commission who was receiving a salary of millions of rupees.

The members of the board of governors (BOG) have also written against the poor performance of the chairman against which they have resigned, he said and added that the health care commission should be developed as a standardised institution in order to improve the healthcare system in the province.

The minister said the human resource of the commission should be developed on such a basis that its discipline and performance would not rely on a certain personality.


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