Certain media organs in Pakistan, published a news item with headlines pertained to Taliban militants threats of sabotaging/hurdling Presidential election process to be held in all over Afghanistan. In this connection, Talibans have been quoted as “telling the Afghans not to cast votes and disassociate themselves of election process.” But inside Afghanistan, wide range posts, statements and appeals are being shared through face books, whatsapp, tweeters and other net tools for ensuring maximum participation and turn out in polls.

Whatever might be claims on the part of Taliban, their supporters within Pakistan and other western world but the situation is quite different from 1992 when after foiling of UN peace plan and resignation of Dr. Najib Ullah. Though it is weak and instable but there is a system and centralized government in Afghanistan at the moment. In 1992 a silent coup was not only engineered against former USSR backed President Dr. Najib Ullah but also against the UN Peace plan when some of the stakeholders from both sides entered into a “deal” with each others. And such a group comprises Ahmad Shah Masud, Rashid Dostam, Gen. Momin and Gen. Baba Jan have made a joint revolt and succeeded in capturing of Kabul but later on they had failed in maintaining of Kabul’s occupation. However, the coup had not only converted the well beautiful Kabul city into ruins but war-lords or war-generated self styled commanders, generals and Jihadi leaders with help of gun-totting loyalists embarked on establishing/declaring and demarcating their own independent states, finally enabling Pakistan’s military establishment of going ahead with its nefarious designs of continuing war in Afghanistan by converting its produced “Mujahideen” into Taliban.

What happened and who did in Afghanistan after fall of Dr. Najib Ullah regime till the 9/11 tragedy is known to each and everyone throughout the world. But responsibility yet to be fixed what Pakistan or people from its particular mindset claims “failure of US led allies in Afghanistan despite waging a “full pledge” war against Taliban. Such claims and threats have not made miserable lives of war-stricken Afghans who have attached great hopes with the US led allies but even it lead to posing of very negative impacts on while South Asian and Central Asian regions, especially Pakhtoons living on eastern side of Pak Afghan border in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan. No one can neglect that Pakistan’s military establishment has established its “influence” in all over Pakhtoons dominated areas but internal situation is not different from former East Pakistan. Government’s politico-administrative and security decisions had failed in safeguarding lives and properties of these people, thus causing a sharp rise to already existing sense of deprivation, which is believed to be affecting situation across the border in Afghanistan.

Coming back to Afghanistan, though Taliban are against of polls and democracy but now overwhelming majority of Afghanistan are in favour of democracy. Though they have demonstrated their faith in democracy in previous three presidential and parliamentary polls each but this time this faith is strengthened further when Engineer Gulbadin Hekmatyar personally contesting for the top slot. Since 2004, first ever Presidential polls Hizbe Islami of Engineer Hekmatyar contesting polls but his stance regarding existing political process was not different from Tehrik Taliban Afghanistan. Even one year back, Taliban had failed to block the Afghans of casting votes in Parliamentary polls when over 600 violent acts have been carried out on a single day. Now September 28th 2019 could be considered a “milling stone” in history of war’s and external intrigues stricken Afghanistan. But it might be also be a matter of serious concerns who wants to impose their puppets and sabotage the whole political process in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has declared sealing of main and important crossing points at Torkham and Chaman for what it claim, facilitating “peaceful polling” but what about several other “illegal but traditional” crossing points throughout on Pak Afghan border from Wakhan till Taftan. No one can deny presence, hideouts and sanctuaries of militants along with Pak Afghan border who are claiming responsibility for violent acts occurring in both the neighbiring countries.



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