PESHAWAR— A pamphlet attributed to the banned ‘Tehrik Taliban Pakistan’ has been distributed in the Miranshah, headquarter of the North Waziristan, threating polio workers not to vaccinate children during anti-polio vaccination campaign and asking women to remain inside homes.

Through a single page pamphlet, militants imposed ban on music in cultural and social activities and directed polio workers to only mark children’s fingers to show that they were being vaccinated. If the children get vaccinated, they (polio workers) would face dire consequences.

The movement of the women outside of their homes has been restricted and they would not be allowed to go outside without male members of the family.

According to the alleged pamphlet, a copy of which is available with Pakistan Today, music at shops, markets and bazaars would not be kept at high volume otherwise such shops and markets would be blown with explosives.  

The militants through pamphlet warned the tribesmen, women and shopkeepers to abide by these rules. “We had directed you to abide such rules earlier but you didn’t obey our order. If you people didn’t abide by these directions, we will react this time, the pamphlet read.

The six-points pamphlet directing tribesmen not to support the government and warning them against spying for the law enforcement agencies. “Those tribesmen spying for government and law enforcement agencies would be made an example for others,” read the pamphlet.

The authenticity of the pamphlet written in Urdu is still being ascertained. However, it’s carry no logo monogram and stamp of the TTP.  

The appearance of the pamphlet came days after TTP militants attacked Pak-Army patrolling party in North Waziristan from the Afghan side near the border that lift at least six soldiers dead.

The officials, on other hand, denied presences of the militants in the area of military operation in the area against them. There is no militants group operates in North Waziristan, said an official.  

In June 2014, Pakistan Army launched a military operation Zarb-e-Azb against armed groups including TTP in North Waziristan in which they claimed to have cleared the region from militants.

Despite completion of the operation and rehabilitation of internally displaced persons, militants still have presences in the North Waziristan and small scale attacks continue to take place.

In last one month, more than 6 militants attack reported in the North Waziristan on security forces in which several personnel of security forces were killed and injured.


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