Amidst continue US efforts for a negotiated resolution to conflicts erupted with external interferences in affairs of Afghanistan and hard line sunni extremists from all over the world in general and regional neighbouring Pakistan and other countries in particular, Premier Imran’s visit to United States has generated too many questions. In particular resumption of huge US financial coalition support to Pakistan has made uncertain the already war stricken Afghans at this crucial stage, when they are ahead with one-sided border restrictions and sanctions as well as Pakistan patronized terror on the other hand.

President Donald Trump’s remarks on the eve of talks with Premier Imran Khan also made anger President Ashraf Ghani, Ex President Hamid Karzai and almost Afghan people and leaders. Irony is not premier Imran’s trip to US but the irony is “awarding warm welcome to the person who has always criticized the US, known for praising Taliban and other militants and others.

All these recent acts and developments seems to be heading towards a new era of battle/bloodshed on the soil of Afghanistan, therefore, It causes worries amongst the war affected people of Afghanistan. US president is being criticized for his remarks of killing millions of Afghans and wiping Afghanistan within days. Common Afghan and nationalist Pakhtoons within Pakistan believe that US is interested in early Withdrawal or evacuation from Afghanistan which is impossible without consent of Pakistan.

It is a universal fact that since mid 70’s Pakistan has helped a lot the US on Afghanistan front but in return of too much gains. As a result of these “ receipts and gains” from its brokering policies Pakistan is now considered too much strong in South Asian and Muslim World as well. In the wake of materializing of its intentions pertained to “safe exist” from Afghanistan, the US is bound to please Pakistan-which might be at cost of war-ravaged Afghanistan and its people.

No doubt to mention that Pakistan for materializing its nefarious gains and designs has already hired services of some of the trogon horses during the prolonged war and hostilities. Through such salable commodities, hostilities, violence and terror acts are being fuelled with attempts of forcing people of this landlocked country to follow dictation in framing of internal and external policies. Instead scrutinizing pron’s and con’s for failure of the US led allied forces in countering the trends of extremism and terrorism in Afghanistan, Washington seem to be now on retreat.

Just for camouflaging of its own failure, now White House is going for complete surrender. Whatever might be its consequences for Afghanistan but it wouldn’t be better for the future of United States and its failure. All such acts meant, “throwing the Afghans before the wolves.” Due to internal rifts and divisions, Afghans are helpless but the time is not far flung when like of past they would assemble just for survival as well as sovereignty and solidarity of the country.

The United States is also under pressure from its own people, civil society organisations and think-tanks regarding continuous imprisonment of Dr. Shakil Afridi. Dr. Shakil Afridi was arrestedby Pakistan secret agencies on the charges of extending support to US FBI in pointing out of Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden residence in Abbottabad. As a result Osama Bin Laden was killed in a secret US mission on May 2, 2011 and after one month Dr. Shakil was arrested. And till today Dr. Shakil is locked in jails. Pakistan is also under pressure for the release of Dr Aafya Siddiqiu who was associated with Al Qaeda. Now Premier Imran was reportedly agreed for proposed swapping of two doctors between Pakistan and US.

Beside safe exist from Afghanistan, the US is also intend to counter the growing influence of Iran and encourage emergence of Saudu kingdom as its most loyal and Pro-Jewish or Israel friendly country in the region. For the purpose, the US with help of Saudi Arab and Pakistan secret agencies will continue indirect patronage to hard line sunni religious groups  in the region. Most probably, like of past these hard line Sunni religious groups light could be flourished, patronized and hosted in Pakhtoons dominated areas in border regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Like of Al Qaeda, the Islamic States (IS-also called Daaesh) is also considered an hardliner Sunni militant group. At the moment, the IS is at loggerhead with Tehrik Taliban Afghanistan ( Emirate Islami) but through Haqqani network this rivalary could be converted into friendship within minutes. The Haqqani network having cordial relations with both the sides.

Similarly, the US is also worried of increasing economic influence of China throughout the world in general and South Asia in particular. The Chinese Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) could enable China of establishing its monopoly over almost trade routes, which connecting Middle East with Centrao and South Asia, Europe  etc. Beside US, CPEC has also caused unrest in United Arab Emirates, Iran and others, therefore, these states and countries could think about its own interests in the region.

Despite strengthening of diplomatic, political and trade relations with each others, the US and Russian didn’t trust each others. Russian Federation and Iran on the issue of IS already entered into an understanding with each others. Both the countries considering the IS another phenomenon like of Al Qaeda. Similarly both the countries are also considering  IS-Daaesh as a Joint venture of US and Saudi Arab against Iran in the region. And like of past, Pakistan will definitely back Saudi Kingdom and US against Iran, Russia and others.

US and high ups in Islamabad are very right that without Pakistan, no one could do anything in Afghanistan, therefore, resumption of huge 1.3 Billion US dollars coalition support to Pakistan could be believed another round of so-called war on terror on both sides of Pak Afghan border at the cost of precious lives of innocent Pakhtoons. The Afghan Pakhtoons already suffered a lot due to intrigues based policies of US and Pakistan, therefore, they couldn’t afford more bloodshed and destruction on different pretexts including sacred slogans of Islam.


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