Sports meant to help in promotion of friendship, understanding and building up trends of adjustment and accommodation. Throughout the world different sports are not only playing key role in building up gapes between the countries having grudges and distances from each others. Even Football, which is considered most favorite game for people from all over the country has made closure several European, Asian and African countries.

People from all over the world are awaiting for its regional and international events. And even for watching these games on grounds, football lovers are going on holidays from their routine official work, personal business and other economic activities. After football, cricket is considered second most favorite sports event in the world. Since a long cricket lovers are also not only waiting for its World Cup event, which is arranged after each four years. Beside World Cup event, the cricket lovers from all over the world are also taking much more interested in its regional events and friendly matches.

At the moment, the 12th world cup cricket matches are in progress at United Kingdom. Leading teams from different countries like host England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, West Indies, Indies, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are participating. Due to traditional enmity between Pakistan and India, cricket matches between its teams always remain enthralling for cricket lovers of both the countries. No one can neglect the fact that during prolong Afghan conflict, the Afghans whether they remain as refugees in Pakistan or abroad have always prayed for victory or win of Pakistan against India. Even almost players in Afghanistan cricket team remain refugees and students of different education institutions in Pakistan.

Up on returning to homes and getting a centralized authority after collapse of Taliban regime in November 2001 last, Afghanistan also emerged as 10th team on world’s cricket scene. Pakistan is pioneer in world cricket whereas Afghanistan is playing just second world cricket cup. Unfortunately in third world cup, some of the cricket lovers in Pakistan have placed Afghanistan’s Cricket team as second on “enemies list” after India.

During current world cup’s match between Pakistan and Afghanistan, certain circles not only within both the neighbouring countries but throughout the world went on ‘very negative’ propaganda against each other’s through social media. Win or victory in cricket is always “by chance,” but like of India and Pakistan, now for games between Afghanistan and Pakistan it has made “matter of ego.” This trend is neither beneficial to Pakistan or for the war stricken Afghanistan and its people.

People from a particular mindset in Pakistan are exploiting the situation just for fueling enmity between Kabul and Islamabad. From last two days, through social media abusing and negative words are used against each other’s which couldn’t be tolerated in any type of civilized society. Due to negative approach by people belong to a particular mindset in Pakistan, Afghanistan suffered a lot in last four decades. Majority of Afghans love Pakistan and respect its people but they are unhappy with the policies of state and some of non-state organs who are behind of continuous violent and terror acts in Afghanistan.

Since November 2001 last not only common Afghans are loving and respecting Pakistan but former President Hamid Karzai and almost of leading leaders have made it clear that no any other foreign country including India wouldn’t be allowed to use Afghan soil against Pakistan. In the light of such firm determination of Afghanistan, people from particular mindset of Pakistan needs to desist themselves of such negative tactics aimed at fueling useless and meaningless “hostilities” between the two neighbouring countries whom people are linked in unbreakable relations with each others.

Let’s to encourage cricket matches for strengthening of friendship, cultural and economic relations and for the sportsman spirit which is “patience and tolerance,”-that might be in interests of both the neighbouring countries facing similar economic, administrative, social and other evils.


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