RAWALPINDI—The Rawalpindi police on Friday arrested a Madrassa teacher for beating and hanging a student upside down.

The Rawalpindi police took notice of the viral video on social media in which a student seen hanging by his teacher upside down from the roof of a masjid. The police successfully traced and arrested the teacher.

The arrested man identified as Noor Muhammad and was serving as a teacher at Taleem ul Quran Islami Academy.

City Police Officer Faisal Rana told that swinging into action, the police successfully traced and arrested the person from Dhok Kashmirian in the jurisdiction of Sadiqabad Police station.

A video went viral on social media in which a seminary teacher was seen hanging a minor student upside down from the roof of a Masjid. Reacting to the video, social media users strongly criticized the act and demanded of the Rawalpindi Police and Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi to take action against the teacher.

Commenting on the incident, senior journalist Rauf Klasra stated, please take shocking video clip of this monster beating innocent kids in Madarsah with you and play it in courtroom when his bail plea is taken up. You must show it to judge sb before he decides on bail. The monster needs to spend few years in jail not bailed out very next day.

Another social media user Fayyaz Gul stated, imagine this is one of the incidences which got viral because of the video. Otherwise, this is what they have been doing all along in the name of religion. Poor kids who can’t afford a decent education become victims of these twisted teachers.

When contacted, Station House Officer, (SHO) – Sadiqabad Shujat said, that the incident was few months old. First Information Report (FIR) of the incident is lodged against the teacher and further interrogation is going on. The civil society appraised the performance of the Rawalpindi police.


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