KP govt announces compensation for Kharqamar incident victims

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has announced compensation package for the deceased and the injured of Kharqamar incident in North Waziristan.
KP Chief Minister Mahmood Khan announcing the compensation package said peace has been restored after great sacrifices of the people and the armed forces and “we will not let people with vested interests to destroy peace.”
Some political forces were unsuccessfully trying to push the Pashtuns toward another war, but would not succeed this time, Mahmood said.
“The provincial government has announced compensation package of Rs2.5 million for the families of the people who died in the Kharqamar incident while the injured will get Rs1 million each,” Mahmood said.
At least 13 people were killed while more than 30 were injured in the incident.
Peace has prevailed in the tribal areas while the scarifies of the security forces, while all efforts will be made to maintain peace in the militancy-hit areas, the CM said and reiterated that it was government’s priority to sort out all issues of the newly merged districts.
Mahmood Khan reminded that the K-P and central governments were in the hands of Pashtun political leadership, then why was the rhetoric over the rights of the Pashtuns.
The present governments in province and centre were very much serious in solving the issues of the K-P and the merged areas, he said.
“The federal government has allocated three per cent of the national finance commission award for the newly merged districts,” CM Mahmood said.
The allocation shows the sincerity of the provincial and federal government towards the development of tribal districts, he said.
“In last ten months we have provide free medical services to the families of the tribal districts, provide interest free loans, 28,000 Khasadar have been merged with the police force,” Mahmood said asserting that actions speak louder than words.
He said the services rendered which showed that they don’t believed on only rhetoric, but deliver to the masses in record times, handout stated.


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