Guantanamo cells

Through a letter, Asad Ullah Haroon Gul has claimed that he is only Afghan national imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay cells from last 13 years and so far neither the US authorities framed formal charges against him nor he made confessions of the crimes time and again placed before him by the American authorities.

On the grounds of his family and relatives association with the Hizbe Islami Afghanistan headed by Gulbadin Hekmatyar, Asad Ullah was arrested by Americans some 13 years back. First he was locked in Bagram cells and later on airlifted to Guantanamo cells. But after patch between Afghan government and Engineer Hekmatyar, he is being forced to confess his association with Al Qaeda, which according to US doesn’t exist anymore after killing of Osama Bin Laden in a special US marines operation at Abbottabad Pakistan on May 2, 2011. But Asad Ullah Haroon Gul is claiming that how it is possible for him to confess his links and association with Al Qaeda, which didn’t by him.

Born in a refugees camp in Pakistan, Asad states that now he is around 40 and had left spouse along with a three year old daughter when he was picked up by the Americans. His father in law who had last son during war against USSR, was unable to control after coming to know about my arrest and had lost his last breath due to heart failure.  Now my daughter is going to be adult and wouldn’t recognize me but I wants to see her and always praying for her better future.

Asad Ullah narrated a long tale of his arrest, detention, interrogation, torture and trail. Even for around nine years he was deprived of every sort of legal assistance whereas he remain under pressure of US officials to confess the undone sins. During this period, in 2009, I was approached by a soldier of US Military Commission for a deal but he didn’t explained its details. And same offer was repeated by FBI in 2010. They promised relief through Periodic Review Board (PRT) and finally I was produced before the PRT in 2016 last. On completion of a prolong debate and investigation process, the officer concerned has told him of 100 per cent release chances as nothing proved against him contrary to US laws or involvement in terror acts. 

Unfortunately all of his dreams regarding release smashed into pieces when the US President Donald Trump after his victory declared that no one could be released from Guantanamo cells. Even after such announcement one Saudi national namely Ahmad Al Darbi was made free. Even after President Trump’s decision, he was again interrogated by PRT and despite clearance he is still locked.

In the wake of US military officials and Attorney’s failures in assurances of release, he had followed Great Indian leader Mahatama Gandhi Jee’s political philosophy of non-violence struggle and went on hunger strike. He last over 58 pound of weight in hunger strike but finally succeeded in getting attentions and assistance of a REPRIEVE a charity organ and attorney Tara  Plochocki. Now he attaching all hopes with the charity organ and attorney.

According to Asad, he couldn’t get back precious years of his life but he wants to serve Afghanistan as a common law abiding citizen. He wants re-union with the family and had a plan to be Honey Bee keeper for his survival. He is nothing to do with politics but request not only the Afghan government, Afghan leaders, civilized US nation and human rights organization from all over the world to help him in release. Now when the US has declared an end to Al Qaeda and endorsed the patch up between Afghan government and Engineer Gulbadin Hekmatyar, therefore, there is no any justification of Asad Ullah Haroon Gul’s confinement. The US authorities needs to go for review of Asad Ullah Haroon Gul issue without any further delay.



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