KHYBER— Jamaat-e-Islami (JI)Jamrud chapter on Wednesday organized a protest demonstration against rape and murder of tribal girl,Farishta in Islamabad a day earlier.

As per details, a large numbers of party workers gathered at Bab-e-Khyber where they staged a protest demonstration demanding justice for Farishta Mohmand.

Farishta Mohmand was found dump in Chack Shehzad, a suburb of Islamabad after she went missing five days before she found dead.

The protesters while holding banner inscribed with slogan in favor of their demand, chanting against raping and murdering of the small girl and immediate arrest of her killers.

Addressing on the occasion ameer JI,Jamrud Malik Safadar,general sectary Ibrar Khan,ex-ameer Zerghoon Shah Afridi and others categorically condemned dishonoring and brutal murder of ten years old girl from Mohmand district last in country’s capital last day and said the rulers had turned blind eyes towards the in human act done to the daughters of the nation and hence the culprits were moving freely.

“Asia Bibi,the convicted of blasphemy was set free and safely deported abroad while subjecting minors girls  to worse kind  of injustice, rape and murder has become a routine act in the country and the rulers have  failed to provide then security”, they remarked.   

They demanded that like in Zainab case, the government should apprehended killers of Farishta and exemplary punishment should be granted to them.   


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