KABUL —The generation which grew up fighting the evils of conflict, violence, pessimism, oppression and dejection at the hands of war has finally realized the power they possess being the future cutodians of the beloved land.

Afghan youth peace conference Kabul Serena hotel, attended by youth representatives from 34 provinces male and female, ambassadors and senior politicians. Former member of Taliban tehrik have also attended the event whereas they also shown very interests in exchanging views on current plight of war stricken country and its people and come up with solid and fruitful proposals for its resolutions.

During their detail speeches and discussion, the youths called on both sides that continuous fights, wars and hostilities are affecting no other than Afghans and only they having the right to decide their destiny. some member of the conference told that this war is not for depending Islam this war is not for depending the values of Afghanistan this war doesn’t belong to Afghanistan we know that there are regional countries goals they are involved in this war they should stop interference in Afghanistan internal affairs and we will never let someone to further continue the war and they called on that to be real with Afghanistan in peacfull and developed Afghanistan may they earn more as compare to war .

In this regard the former governor of Ghazni Muhammad musa khan Akbar Zada called on ulema to realise their responsibilities in return of peace and tranquility as they could deliver a lot in this respect. “peace come from mihrab, and let followers must be convinced about the nefarious designs of some external forces behind the ongoing war in Afghanistan.”

In the last the part of the conference 114 representatives signed a declaration which will be forwarded to both the sides included government in Kabul and opposition resistance force called as Taliban. Following are declaration points; “

1: We afghan youth male and female representative of 34 provinces called on both sides as soon as possible to intro Afghan peace negotiations should be started

2: The afghan youth called on both sides to announce immediate ceasefire in the Holy month of Ramadan and the holly event EID so that’s why the people of Afghanistan can perform their Eid and Ramadan in peace and harmony.

3: Youth of Afghanistan requests from Afghan government and Taliban to stop social war against each other in this holy month and Eid so that they can mentally and physically concentrate and can perform their prayers and worships peacefully.

4: We young generations of “Afghan youth peace conference” agree to the above statements and are hopeful from both our sides to bring peace and prosperity to our people and country.


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