PESHAWAR— Pakistan Tehrek-eInsaaf, Landi Kotal chapter head Hazrat Wali have asked the federal and pronvincial government to take notice of misuse of powers and cases of embezzlements by government officials in education department in Khyber district.

Addressing a press conference here at Peshawar press Club, he blamed that there were many ghost teachers in the schools and was working in other departments and NGOs alleging District Education Officer, Muhammad Jadoon Khan is involved in mega corruption cases and misusing his powers.

The office bearers of PTI chapter of the area were also present that included, Haji Aleem Shah, Haji Malik Shamrooz and Saddam Hussain.

The president of Landi Kotal Chapter alleged that District Education Officer, Muhammad Jadoon Khan was involved in mega corruption cases and was misusing his powers.

He further added, the schools in the area were working without proper facilities, infrastructure, non-availability of proper furniture and DEO was not providing facilities, despite repeated requests by the school administrations.

He lamented, the teachers play an indispensable role in the progress of the country by imparting quality education to children and youngsters. Unfortunately, the education system in tribal districts is in shambles and continues to deteriorate as time passes by. He urged the government to install biometric system in tribal schools to monitor the attendance of teachers and other staff during the school time.

He urged the government to conduct an impartial inquiry against DEO landikotal, for minting money in purchasing poor quality furniture for schools and appointing teachers by defying merit and playing havoc with the future generation of the area.  


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