PESHAWAR: Arbab Zarak Khan, a District Member from Union Council (UC-40), Tehkal Bala Peshawar, is a son of Arbab Alamgir, a seasoned and renowned politician of Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians (PPPP), who served as member of National Assembly. While giving interview to this scribe, Zarak Khan strongly criticized the local government system in place in Peshawar and other districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, that has miserably failed to transfer power to the grassroots level. He lamented, that Deputy Commissioner still holds the strings of powers and  the tall claims of Provincial government with regard to the devolution of power to the grassroots level is mere a façade. Besides, he demanded that Local Government (Amendment) Act 2017 should be implemented in letter and spirit and called for financial powers to be delegated to representatives of the people at the grass root level.

With regard to a question about the prospects of the outbreak of Dengue virus in Peshawar as in especially his Union Council (UC-40), which was severely hit by the epidemic last year, he said that spring, is approaching and nothing substantial was done by the PTI-led provincial government to eradicate the virus last year. He feared the outbreak and reemergence of virus in his Union Council with more rigorousness this time around. He urged the government to take pre-emptive measures to use insecticides in order to kill mosquito larvae or adult mosquitos.

While giving an answer to the question regarding the construction of BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) in the provincial metropolitan, which is a 26 Kilometer Main Corridor with 31 stations, a catalyst for urban regeneration and growth, he said BRT was a mega project and estimated cost of the project was supposedly 52 billion, which has reached to 67 billion without any PC-1 and design is a burden on national exchequer. He proposed the widening of ring roads and alternate routes rather than to take a heavy toll of the only GT road which runs from City area to Hayatabad. Moreover, he strongly criticized the provincial government for spending a colossal amount of money on the beautification of Peshawar city, which turned out the wastage of public money.

Zarak Khan is to contest next general elections for the slot of a member of provincial Assembly from his constituency PK-5 revealed to this scribe, while a question was posed to this effect. He said the electable of the constituency were not happy with the PTI government as their basic issues of gas, electricity and drains were not addressed. He said, scams like BRT, billion tree tsunami projects and the performance of Ehtisab commission of KP had raised many eyebrows and would prove to be a last nail in the coffin of PTI in the province.




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