PESHAWAR:  The Provincial Chairman of Watan Pal Youth Organizer, Quomi Watan Party (QWP) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Irshad Afridi strongly condemned the cold-blooded murder of Naqeeb Mehsud in a fake police encounter by Sindh Police and pleaded the supreme Court and the government to form a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to take the case to its logical conclusion.

He was addressing a press conference here in Peshawar press Club on Saturday.The Youth organizer expressed dissatisfaction over branding Pashtuns as terrorists in the country and urged the provinces to shun their parochial differences and forge unity among them. Moreover he lauded the Supreme Court for taking suo Moto action in the case and hoped that culprits would be brought to book in the near future. He further demanded that a judicial commission is forged in order to probe the extra-judicial murder of Naqeeb Mehsud and the findings of the case should be made public. He said, Pashtuns are peace loving people and their sacrifices in war against terrorism and military operations within Pakistan speaks volumes about their loyalty with Pakistan.

He voiced strong concerns over the plight of smaller provinces in the country and paid rich tribute to Pashtuns for rendering innumerable sacrifices in the freedom movement and the war against terrorism. He said, the tribesmen are living in settled areas of Pakistan as IDPs (Internally displaced persons) and were rendered homeless in the wake of military operations in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). He urged the government that a compensation package should be announced for the poor family of Naqeeeb Mehsud and the culprits should be given exemplary punishment.


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