KP govt declares uses of abusive language as crime

PESHAWAR:  The tourists visiting Swat, usually referred to as the Switzerland of Asia, would face multiple fines if found violating public decency including listing fast music and verbal abuse at tourist’ spots.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly on Friday passed Upper Swat Development Authority Bill banning several activities to protect local public decency. The authority will have the power to impose fines on tourists and visitors for using profane language and listing fast music. The bill further said that violators will have to pay a fine of Rs.3,000.

The bill passed also proposes to impose fines on constructions without permission. The new bill specifically forbids encroachments in the district. For violations, the bill suggested up to Rs five million fine and three years’ imprisonment for encroachment. There will be a fine of Rs 15,000 for making shops at the streets and footpaths. Similarly, a fine of Rs 5,000 has been imposed for littering.

Fines for spreading environmental pollution

The authority can impose fine of Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 on locals and visitors for spreading environmental pollution. The authority also singles of imposing Rs 2,000 fine on beggars at tourists’ spots. According to the authority, those found involved in setting-up illegal speed breakers will be fined upto Rs 20,000.

The bill proposed fine of Rs 3,000 for Galum Gluch and listing fast music, for each.

It should be noted that the present PTI government had divided the Swat into two districts. The main tourist spots such as Kalam, Bahrain, Madyan, and Malam Jabba of the Swat are now included in Upper Swat.

Earlier in August last year, at least 20 tourists were looted at gunpoint in Bahrain area of Swat district. This incident comes to light after two tourist coaches were robbed in separate incidents last week. K-P Chief Minister Mahmood Khan had also taken notice of the incident and ordered removal of the district police officer and deputy commissioner.

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