Imran Khan needs to prove him as premier in true sense

Whatever might be claimed by MP’s of ruling Pakistan Tehrik Insaaf regarding budgetary allocations for next financial year but the fact is that almost its development portion is focused on the decades old trends of political like and dislike or nepotism.

On such grounds, almost MP’s from opposition in National, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan have made voiced against this discrimination. No one can justify what happened on the eve of opposition leader’s speech in National Assembly and Sindh Chief Minister’s budget speech in Sindh Assembly.

Ironically, ruling PTI Mp’s have broken away all previous records of decorum when they themselves made disturbance and didn’t allowed Opposition leader to open debate on budget. However, the situation remain very peaceful and cordial in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly whereas not only finance minister has presented the budgetary allocations in a very pleasantry and cordial atmosphere. Not only opposition and treasury MP’s but Chief Minister Mahmood Khan and Speaker Mushtaq Ghani deserves much more appreciation for maintaining province precedents.

Apart from exchanging of abusive languages and hot words in National Assembly whereas the Speaker Asad Qaisar playing a role of a silent spectator, almost mp’s from opposition parties are complaining “worst” kind of nepotism and discrimination in allocation of funds for development projects in according to recommendations of MP’s. This procedure is not only confined to National Assembly but similar is the situation in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan. Couple of years back, when sitting Prime Minister Imran Khan has stimulated his efforts and become vocal first against PPP led coalition and later against PML(N) led coalition, he had not only opposed execution of development projects and allocation of funds in according to recommendations of MP’s but even he had declared it “worst corruption.” But now Premier has forgotten all of his claims and views and now had allocated major chunk of development funds for getting blessing of his own party MP’s.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa former Chief Minister and MNA from Mardan Amir Haider Khan Hoti who had established his credibility as a decent, sober and soft-spoken politician while addressing in the budget session, has made certain question. But the most important question according to him is “divisions of parliament into two Pakistan’s.” One Pakistan is for the treasury MP’s and the second is for opposition on the basis of allocation of development funds. Likewise he asked the chair to declare that whether the opposition MP’s are elected by people from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh or by Pakistanis. However, Speaker Asad Qaisar who had proved him is “more different” from his predecessors just “smiled” in response. No one can deny the fact that MP’s needs to focus on legislations, framing rules and regulations and take other steps for ensure running of state affairs in according to constitution.

The MP’s may not be involved in any sort of executing of development activities or any other financial matters. Unfortunately since the very first day of Pakistan inception, establishment through one or the other ways not only commenced influencing of democratic process but even “fuelling divisions or hostilities” amongst political parties could be accredited to civil-military establishment. What happened with politics and democratic process till October 1958 I no part of history and unveiled by authors but during military regime of Ayub Khan, his sons Gohar Ayub Khan and Akhtar Ayub Khan have offered half a million cash amount as a bribe for changing political loyalty to one of late MP namely Arbab Saif Ur Rahman from Tehkal Bala Peshawar. Similar offers also made to several others. But the record of political bribes had broken away by two other military dictators Zia Ul Haq and Pervez Musharaf.

The first had made mandatory execution of development funds on the recommendations of MP’s whereas Pervez Musharaf for remaining in power had paid not only in millions but in billions to a few persons. Now when Prime Minister Imran Khan is making claims of a different Pakistan, therefore, he needs to either let the state construction and development organs to pin-point and execute the development scheme or go for similar, equal and lustful distribution/allocation of funds amongst the MP’s. Such discriminatory and nepotism based approaches on the part of civil and military establishment had forced the true patriots Bengalis of waging a struggle for independence from minority in 60’s and have materialized their dreams in 1971.

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