Recently, Afghan Foreign Minister Hanif Atmar expressed hope that Pakistan will help stop the Taliban’s brutal campaign and support. In an interview on Friday, the Afghan foreign minister said that al-Qaeda, the TTP and other groups were fighting together against the Afghan government, and that Afghan officials viewed the relationship between the Taliban, al-Qaeda and the TTP on a daily basis. This relationship is exist, at the moment these elements are fighting together with the Taliban against our government and people. Asked about the US betrayal, he said that the US had made a peace agreement with the Taliban in good faith, the Taliban had not fulfilled its promises and had betrayed the whole world. “We are talking about regional cooperation because there are no good or bad terrorists. All are one. Peace between Afghanistan and the Taliban will ensure that Afghanistan is not a haven for such elements,” he said. Referring to Pakistan, Afghan Foreign Minister Hanif Atmar said that we have high expectations from Pakistan, we have already praised the steps taken in support of Pakistan’s peace process, Afghanistan wants strong bilateral relations with Pakistan. Yes, we expect Pakistan to help us stop the Taliban’s brutal campaign, supply and support. Pakistan to help bring them to the negotiating table, we are hoping that there will be concrete progress on these issues. On the other hand, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi once again strongly rejected the impression of Pakistan’s secession in the world and made it clear that Pakistan has no favourite in Afghanistan, more than 70,000 human lives have been sacrificed, we from the world Cannot remain indifferent, and that Pakistan will continue its cooperation with the party or government that the people of Afghanistan will elect. Speaking at the first meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs chaired by Chairperson Senator Sherry Rehman at Parliament House on Friday, Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that if civil war breaks out in Afghanistan, a large number of Afghan Refugees can turn to Pakistan, problem will be solved through dialogue Pakistan is ready to play the role of global partner for counter-terrorism. We believe that history has once again provided a golden opportunity for Afghanistan, Pakistan and other powers in the region to take serious steps to establish lasting peace in Afghanistan, not only for the Afghan people but for all nations living in the region to ensure a bright and peaceful future. The problem, however, is that, like other domestic and foreign affairs, our policy on Afghanistan is still unclear. On the one hand, the country’s top civilian and military leadership is expressing positive intentions on Afghanistan, and on the other, the government. At the same time, the Afghan Taliban’s open and undeclared support for the mainstream media continues unabated, and perhaps that is why the world is still watching us with suspicion. Just as US President has made it his goal to bring the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks to justice and to weaken terrorist organizations, which the United States has achieved for them, and in Afghanistan, they call “nation building” a problem or a responsibility of the people of Afghanistan. With our government agreeing with it, it is imperative that the United States, Pakistan and other regional and international powers provide unconditional support to the Kabul administration, the Afghan Taliban and the people to achieve, nation building, and avoid covert efforts to strengthen or weaken either side, otherwise history will repeat itself but the consequences and effects may be universal now.


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