Human Rights violations and its repercussion

Now that world is turn to be scientific, developed and technologically advanced, it is not understandable that why human rights assurance is still great problem. The human sufferings due to their violation is on its peak. Just see what is going in Mayamar . Mostly, the Maymayr people are deprived of basic human rights, as human.

They don’t have nationality, houses to live, clothes to wear or food to eat. Why are they burnt, killed and raped openly and what is their sin? Similar situation can be seen in Yemen where Millions of children are dying because of malnourishment? In Syria the use of chlorine gas and killing of 1400 children on the spot had compel the world to think once again and to protect the innocent people from killing because of one wish.

In Kashmir even the torture cells, rape centers and killing of masses without any justification had call the world champion to review their strategy. Just see the world is full of thousands of such examples where the humans are slaughter, their throats are cut and their women’s are made prostitutes for sexual abuses but no one is ready, to save such vulnerable people even after the formation of human rights foundation at international level.

All the human by virtue are pious, strong creature on earth with wisdom.in fact they are the master of the land and should be supreme on the planet because of their humanity, standards, pity nature and characters. But unfortunately, they have lost their characters and humans are turning to be more violent dreadful in society than non humans. The human rights are universal and inalienable. The division of humans on the basis of their multicultural background is in fact, the power game and feelings of our lust to rule and dictate the others or simply to exploit the weakest and poorest.The shattering of the very basic human principle of rights, freedom, thoughts and the wish to live life with own wishes become challengeable job at all. No one is special nor any one has the supremacy on the others because of ones creed, cast, color, religion, culture, langauge or due to ethnicity. In spite of knowing the fact and reality, why few people, some societies and groups consider themselves as the most right, powerful and special than others.

Every year since 1948 (when the UNO established the human Rights Organization)the 10th December is celebrated as human rights day. But there is no change or sign and indicators for sustaining life or any reduction in atrocities on human. As on 10th December the world celebrate the day to aware the communities to identify their rights.than what?is abig question? Once the world was a place of slavery, exodus ,mass killing, enforced disappearance, torture, rape sexual abuse. When the UNGA passed a resolution that no human holocaust shall be allowed in future and never the humans shall be treated unequally on the basis of ethnicity ,age ,location is this practiced stopped than? If the rights of humans are applicable everywhere and the same for all people then why there is still a great differences and why the humans are turning to be more than wolfs on earth.

Since 1948,when the United Nation General Assembly passed a resolution and stated clearly, that general Assembly, shall be responsible to identify, the violation occurrence under Article 39, of the UNGA so it will be a legitimate process to carry on in future. But what about these cases and countries like in Yeman, Kashmir, Afghanistan ,Plastine, Egypt, China, Turkey, France, Iraq where the violations of human rights is a process from decades. Why are we quoting examples for the best human rights in Netehrland, Norway, Sweden etc.The world of today, is totally different from the world of tomorrow especially, when we look towards our system and the way we treated humans. We must think and should learnt lesson from the past like what happened in first world war and the second world war. After holocaust,killing, injuring torturing, rape and assassination billion of people were migrated, dispersed or disappeared for ever but what was their sin? Although the human rights assurance is still a big problem but the way, we have started journey with our lust and exploitation of poor’s will never end it.

Now we understand that human rights must not be violated at any cost and human should not be suffered any more. But then too in 1990s whay few Serbs exploited the Bosnian Muslims. Why the Russian attacked on Afghanisatn, and Hindues in Kashmir violated all the rules and standards ,humanity and principles .We must learnt from history.How many humans had slaughter in the revaluations of American war of independence, French revolutions and Russian revolution. Today, even the use of cluster bomb, biological weapons uses and drone attacks are not human rights violation? .In fact, the great powers in the world do not let allowed any one to survive without their permission or wish.After understanding the situation all the world leaders must comply and all the societies and governments shall take steps to protect humans and their rights which is first step towards humanity.

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