How will China’s One Belt One Road initiative benefit Pakistan’s interest?

Sayed Sajid Shah

The 21st century is full of opportunities and challenges. The challenges are numerous and opportunities are few wrapped in adopting the technological needs of society and bringing change through science and sincere efforts. As the world grows more and more it gives very tough competition for the survival of life both individually and as a nation. How many countries swept away or crashed in the world when they had retrogressive attitude and lazy to compete or failed to sustain itself in the contemporary history of today.

Although, it is a century of fast communication, innovations and inventions with 7G intervention and speedy life but at the same time it is difficult to live without strong socieo -economic background and extra ordinary approach towards life. Once there was strong competition between Great Britain, France and Russia through huge artillery forces command and control but now the artificial intelligence has replaced it through drone attack and hitting the target even thousand miles away from the spot.

In the recent few decades the China role has reshaped the world. From the battle field to economy, trade towards friendship , technology and innovation had allowed china to replace the world old powerful countries with new thinking and paradigm shift. In fact the initiative taken by China at the eve of 21st century could be a  wonder because of its nature and theme. The one belt one road initiative which is also called (OBOR) or the Belt and Road initiative (OBI) will connect 126 countries of the world in to bond of  economic and social development .The OBOR  initiative was for the first time announced by Chinese leader in 2013 at the university of Kazakhstan.

The actual plan was  to bring the world nearest to each other, and to benefit with its everlasting experiences. The objectives of the Chinese’s leaders and diplomats was to  convey message to the world to develop their own system and sustain it. The Chinese theme of development had impressive outlook to bring a change in most  poorest countries of the world through  trade, exchange of goods and technology, information sharing, people to people contact, bilateral investment, infrastructure development  and exploring potentials. The purpose of the project was to improve the life and standard of people as end product.

Is it not a wonder that OBR will connect  126 countries from 193 countries of the world in to a web. In the Asia pacific region like Russia ,Kazakhstan, Kyrgyztan, Tajiksitan, Uzbekistan and extend it will extend towards central Asian states  and west African states to the Pacific region  and from Gulf  to Mediterranean sea.

Once there had strong competition of the world powers through rivalries, wars and Military interventions. Even the cunning and cruel nature and conspiracies of such leaders and nation could not be hide which had secret performance to destabilize the weak countries. Although this trend had not been changed yet, there is a space for those who never put their feet in dirty mud of politics. Today, the indicators for progress and prosperities are not big army but adaptation of scientific approaches and technology. Most of the countries dependent on the other for survival had lost their position or vulnerable. The only country, which is working on human development concepts and wishes to make victory through extended friendship, economic expansion and financial improvement is china.

The china Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) is one of such initiative working to bring the world near to Pakistan in to development stage. Unfortunately, the huge lobbies are working against its structure especially in the context of Pakistan and no doubt India is the one creating hurdles and distrust between the two countries since its inception.

The CPEC  is initiative for collective efforts of developmental projects which includes infrastructure projects, energy projects, motorway expansion establishment of economic zone and strengthening the bilateral relation between Pakistan and China.If we further bifurcate the programme so it consists the construction of  road, railway line ,air and transportation system alongwith connection of  deep sea Pakistani ports of Gawadar and Karachi to Chinese xinijiang province and beyond it.

The total committed amount under CPEC of 50 billion dollar in which 35 billion is allocated for energy projects while 15 billion is for infrastructure had in pipeline.The Gawadar development industrial zone and mass transit scheme with  entire portfolio is to be completed by 2030 tentatively. Few days ago when rumors were spread that china is retreating to surrender its allocated funds committed for ML1 that’s for a railway line to be created from Peshawer to Karachi.

On the other side the China through its translator conveyed a  message to the world and proclaimed the Pakistan china friendship is one of the examplery in the world. The china will provide all sort of technical support and funding and there is no option for suspending or diverting funds. The translator further  clarified, that it is understanding between the two governments and there is no need for any sort of guarantee from the either side so India should keep its mouth shut.

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