Chance for peace must be availed

Amidst serious tension in the region erupted with pulling of US troops out of Afghanistan, almost politico-public opinion makers are unanimously of the view that there is a valuable chance for return of peace and ending of violence in the region-which needs to be availed.

At the moment when the US is packing from Afghanistan, a particular section of media throughout in Pakistan in particular and rest of the world in general engaged in a drive to encourage Taliban militants to get occupation of Kabul and rest of Afghanistan. In fact, it is the product of a particular mindset which had earlier backed so-called Jihad, Al Qaeda and Taliban origination on the soil of Afghanistan. Still this mindset is reluctant to let return of peace and ending of terror on the soil of Afghanistan. All again are agree that return of peace and ending of hostilities in Afghanistan is much more beneficial to Pakistan.

In late 70’s when war erupted in Afghanistan with invasion of USSR troops, it were no other than nationalists, democratic, progressive and moderate leaders from all over Pakistan, which have insisted on political resolution and opposed Pakistan’s participation in war. And now Prime Minister Imran Khan following the same stance but unfortunately almost his aides and subordinates are thinking on different lines. They are part of the propaganda which aimed at fuelling tension in Afghanistan and provoking Taliban militants of going ahead with terror and subversive activities in the already war stricken Afghanistan.

Couple of days back, Pakistan military high ups have repeated the outlines strategic policies towards Afghanistan which earlier demonstrated and experienced by no other than two successive military regimes of Zia Ul Haq and Pervez Musharaf. And now almost people including Prime Minister Imran Khan and his diehard aides are holding these two military dictators responsible for plunging the country into a war on the soil of Afghanistan at behest of US led allies. Now when the US is pulling its troops out of Afghanistan, no one is aware of its (US) future strategies, therefore, rulers especially Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team needs to remain very careful at this crucial stage. Some of those who making attempts to get place in sympathizers of Taliban or other militants having no any concern with interests of the country and its people.

No one can neglect the fact that almost spy agencies from rest of the world are active and operative in the country from last four decades. Just for keeping intact the terrorism and extremism in the region, these spy masters are making huge investment. Due to lacking of awareness and reluctance to face each others in political debates, certain parts of Pakistan especially the Pushtoons dominated belt is considered very fertile for militancy and paid-fighters.

Like of 1979, 1992 and November 2001, strategies for keeping intact the proxy war are being reshuffled. Ground reality is different throughout in Afghanistan but portrayed very negative and violent in a section of Pakistan media. Couple of days back, arranging a briefing for MP’s was a positive step but instead of briefing politicians, policy makers needs to listen the politicians who always made attempt for peace, tranquility and stability in the country.

It is the time for Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government to ensure Pakistan’s disassociation from every sort of global strategies based on proxy war in Afghanistan like war devastated country. Afghanistan and its people have been made fed up of imposed and proxy wars. They wants peace, which is possible with sincere support and cooperation of Pakistan. Return of peace and ending of hostilities in Afghanistan is in favour of Pakistan and its people.

Shamim Shahid

Shahmim Shahid is Peshawar-based senior political and security analyst. He can be reached at

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