Bloodshed across the border in Afghanistan

From last several days, but even since commencing of intra Afghan dialogues at Doha Qatar, deadly violent and terrorist acts are order of the day throughout Afghanistan. One Day ago, a deadly suicide bomb explosion outside of a higher education institution at Kabul causes lives to around 29 and injuries to over 70 others. The victims besides others were included women and children. Earlier militants have claimed attacks in different parts of Afghanistan, which caused lives to over 25 including personnel of security forces. While couple of days back, a stampede at sports stadium in Jalalabad city adjacent to Pak Afghan border caused lives to 15 and injuries to dozens of others.
The frequent deadly violent and terrorist acts has put at danger the intra Afghan dialogues process between Afghan government and rival Taliban. The deadly violent acts in already war-stricken Afghanistan in taking place at the time when leading Afghans are visiting or have visited Pakistan.
Earlier this month, chief of High Peace Council of Afghanistan Dr. Abdullah Abdullah had visited Islamabad and has held detail talks with high ranking Pakistani authorities including Prime Minister Imran Khan, President Arif Alvi, Chief of Army Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa and others. Couple of days back chief of his faction Hizbe Islami Afghanistan Engineer Gulbadin reached Islamabad on an official visit. And he was followed by a high level parliamentary delegation headed by speaker of Wollasi Jirga Mir Rahman Rahumani.
Amidst these high powered delegations visits to Islamabad, such type of violent acts definitely damage relation between the two neighbouring countries as a people from particular mind set across the border in Afghanistan including government officials alleges involvement of Pakistan-sheltering Afghan miscreants in these violent acts. During talks with high level Afghan delegates, Prime Minister Imran Khan and other higher authorities like President Arif Alvi, Speaker of National Assembly Asad Qaisar, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and even Army Chief Gen, Qamar Javed Bajwa assured maximum support in reconciliation process as well as in return of peace and stability in Afghanistan.
All such claims, commitments and assurances between Islamabad and Kabul are made since toppling of Taliban regime after 9/11 but yet to yield positive outcomes. No one could neglect the fact that there is mistrust between the two neighbouring countries, which is considered the major for ongoing violent acts in both the countries. This violent trend has not only caused lives to husbands of innocent people from both the countries but it has also made adverse impacts on economies of both the countries. Even it damaging image of both Pakistan and Afghanistan rest of the world. At once people from both the countries have accredited with “one heart two bodies.” But now these people with one heart and similarly brotherly sentiments are now distancing from each other. Such distancing might be harmful to the very interests of both the countries, therefore, responsibility rests with rulers at Islamabad and Kabul to come forward for setting all their previous issues and embarking on a new journey to be based on friendship, brotherly and trust worthy relations between the two countries. It is the time to start, as the world seems to be embarking on another turn of so-called. The Azerbaijan and Armenia war seems to be start of the new turn of cold war which had friends the one time foes. Not only Afghanistan but almost Pakistan and its people also suffered a lot due to violent and terrorist acts.
Almost terrorists involved in the violent acts in both the countries are no more stranger. They are desirous for early eradication of these terrorists, which was possible with trust-worthy joint strategies of Pakistan and Afghanistan.


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