Bashra Bibi seeks divorce from Imran Khan

LAHORE— Bashra Bibi, a resident of Lahore, has approached a family court in the city and sought a divorce from her husband Imran Khan that surprised court reporters Wednesday as they read the names of the litigants in legal documents.

However, this was not the couple they were thinking about. The shock was caused by the identical spelling of Bashra with Bushra, the name of the former first lady.

Bashra Bibi has filed for a divorce in the family court and asked to end her four-month union with the Gujrat-based man.

The couple has lived apart for the last two months. The 43-year-old woman says she can no longer live with her husband and wants the marriage dissolved.

According to the petition, in early February Imran “kicked out” Bashra after beating her over an argument.

“The life of the plaintiff [Bashra] became miserable by defendant’s [Imran] cruel conduct,” it stated.

The court has summoned her husband Imran Khan for the next hearing.

Meanwhile, former first lady Bushra Bibi is reportedly living happily with former Prime Minister Imran Khan at their Bani Gala residence in Islamabad.

In the past, Bushra Bibi and her family member have strongly rebutted the reports of her marriage falling apart. The first such statement came in April 2018 and the latest in February earlier this year.

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