Afghans entering another era of crises

The already war stricken civilians from all over Afghanistan once again ahead with an uncertain situation with fall of Kabul to Taliban on August 15th 2021. From last several days, thousands of people are making attempts to flee but due to sealing of borders by all neighbouring countries, they couldn’t do it. However, the Kabul airport is jam-packed whereas a large number of others have been disembarked from US planes in Doha Qatar, whereas they are locked in makeshift camp.

Soon after empowering of Taliban, the first ever controversy erupted over National Flag of Afghanistan, which so far according to unconfirmed reports caused lives to around 16 civilians in scattered areas of the country. Now in reaction armed Taliban are patrolling main bazaars and streets at Kabul and other cities, forcibly removing and snatching tri-color national flags and even beating all those who are in possession of these flags. In simple words, there is an anarchy like situation throughout Afghanistan.

So far nine top leaders of Northern Alliance-an alliance of non Pushtoon groups are in Islamabad, in a bid to convince Pakistan of forcing Taliban for a coalition government. So far Taliban have refused to do so. And in reaction, Ahmad Masud son of Ahmad Shah Masud has declared resistance from his controlled Panjsher valley-which connecting northern Afghanistan with central Afghanistan. Whatever might be strategies of Taliban and their mentors of getting occupation of Panjsher valley but in recent past, due to resistance in this part of Afghanistan, neither former Soviet Union and its backed regimes nor Taliban succeeded to enter Northern Afghanistan. So far, Taliban entered and captured some of important places in Northern Afghanistan but due to presence/resistance in Panjsher, it could be hard to continue such occupation for a long time.

In end of September 1996 last, soon after entrance the Taliban regime had got recognition of three countries including Saudi Arab, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan. But now, not a single country had recognizes Taliban regime in Kabul. Only China and Russian Federation are carefully monitoring the situation, whereas rest of the world will definitely follow the US led allies. International media is though made impressed by Taliban media managers but its continuous “silence” over human rights violation is being observed by its readers and viewers.

From last several days, top Taliban leaders without Mullah Haibat Ullah and Qatar based Mullah Muhammad Abbass Stanakzai are engaged in dialogues with former President Hamid Karzai lead three member council regarding future set up. Karzai along with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and Engineer Gulbadin Hekmatyar are making their best to convince Taliban leaders for remaining patient and careful regarding future set up. But reports reveals that Taliban are stick to their mindset of having “own regime with own doctrine of Islam.” In such a circumstances, one could easily confirms, “plunging of Afghanistan” into another era of “sanctions, hostilities, even terrorism and extremism.” And no other than almost so-called or self styled Jehadic leaders will be held responsible for the consequences.

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