Afghan Singer Aryan Khan under threat as Taliban returns

Peshawar… Afghan renowned actor and singer Aryan Khan has received threat for supporting Afghan forces and raising the people’s flag.

“Unknown men traced me and harassed and threatened me of dire consequences for supporting democracy and raising the people’s flag,” he said adding they took my documents, laptop bag and snatched my mobile.

Aryan Khan said that Art is his profession and earn livelihood for family through this. He appealed to International Human Rights Organisations to assist for protection of his life and family members

Aryan Khan says, “Songs sung for Ashraf Ghani led Afghan government and its favour, has become death warrant”

Aryan Khan is a famous actor and singer who worked in different number films, besides sung national songs and super film ‘Gul Jahna’ and severe songs in favour of Ashraf Ghani led the Afghan government.

Khan said that his songs carries strong message for peace and stand against terrorism and extremism was visible but it is unfortunate that all these things are becoming a punishment and a rope of throat.

Enhancing valor and encouragement of the national armed forces, suppressing nation love this soil and defence are amongst part of his songs and art.

Giving exciting and aggressive impressions to sportsmen, which was amongst my professional art work and for my national value is first but today I am and my professional, both are in severe danger.

Art is my profession and I earn bread and butter for family members through this profession.

I appeal to international human rights organisations to assist him in safe life and profession.

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